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Multiple trends one on top of the other in the same screen, only one "active"

Question asked by mechavar on Feb 4, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2015 by gregor

Hi all. I'm new in this PI world and maybe this is a silly question but I need help.  I have a single screen in which the user can select a combination of equipment and test, and according to that selection a set of input parameters and a result are shown.  Along with the data, a trend of the tag assigned to the test results should appear on the screen. (so we have for example 5 trends, one on top of the other). We are handling this with the "visible" attribute and it works fine, but when we double-click on the trend to maximize it on the screen it doesn't work, it just brings a blank page, it works only for the last trend created. I've been trying different attributes per trend, but none seems to work. I would appreciate any help.