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Question regarding the selection of PI Interfaces.

Question asked by sriramaztec on Apr 22, 2015
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I am new to the PI system and so far have briefly gone through the documents available on the OSI Soft website. I would like to accomplish the following:

I have the following PLC/SCADA/HMI systems installed in a facility:

1. S7 300 PLC

2. WinCC SCADA v6

3. SLC 5/05 PLC (Two PLCs)

4.  iFix SCADA (Two Stations)

5. Micrologix 1400 PLC (Two PLCs)

6. Panel View Plus 600 Graphic Terminals(Two HMIs)

I would like to bring them all under the PI Server so that a comprehensive report with selected tags from each of the above listed systems can be generated.


Based on the interface list (Interfaces List), I have made the following deductions and also have questions:

1. For the Micrologix 1400 PLCs, SLC 5/05 PLC and Panel View Plus 600 Graphic Terminals the Allen Bradley RS Linx  could be sufficient.

2. For the S7 300 PLC, I'm not sure if the OPC-DA is supported but if it is, then OPC DA Server could be sufficient. If OPC-DA is not supported then

which would be the best interface?

3. For the WinCC SCADA v6.0, I think Siemens WinCC might be sufficient. Is there an interface that I can use that will be common both to S7 300 PLC and WinCC SCADA,

similar to RS Linx?

4. For the iFix SCADA, I think Intellution FIX DMACS (FIX32)/Dynamics (iFIX), is available. Would this be a good choice? Or do I need to consider another third party OPC server

for iFix? Or is there an interface for IGS (Industrial Gateway Server)?

I would appreciate it, if someone could answer my questions and let me know if my deductions are correct. Thank you.