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    Datalink 2015 - Bulk Calls




      I've been waiting a while for this update to use bulk calls in datalink, since we have a lot of users who uses everyday a sheet with hundreds of PI TAGs in a very, very slow internet connection due to high latency.


      In this cenary, how can I make the best use of this feature?


      Do I need to have all TAGs in a unique array formula (like, using the side panel, select all TAGs and timestamps, apply it and only this group will be in a single bulk call)? Or if I have PI TAGs all around my sheet, Datalink will still make a single call for all TAGs?

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          Hi Henderson,


          Yes, you will need to have the tags in the same array formula (your first suggestion).


          For more information about bulk calls (from Data Link 2015 user guide):

          The following conditions must be satisfied to make a bulk call:

          • Function inputs specify data items, and not expressions or filter expressions
          • Function input specifies data items with a reference to a cell range
          • PI DataLink settings specify time stamps in client time zone

          With the above conditions satisfied, the following functions make bulk calls:

          • Current Value
          • Archive Value
          • Calculated Data (without time interval specified)


          PI DataLink returns values from a bulk call in a single function array.

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