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Dynamic Upper Range for a Bar Chart?

Question asked by chill on Aug 25, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2015 by chill

I have need to dynamically set the upper limit for a number of bar charts on a single .pdi. It sounds like this would need to be a VBA thing and my VBA skills bucket is empty .... My scenario is as follows:


We get rejects for Machine 1 from several components






We then use a Dataset to get the reject percentage for the machine


(Camerareject1+Camerareject2+Camerareject3)/InspectedParts = OverallRejectPerc


What I have been asked to show in a Bar Chart is if the Reject % calculates to be 10%, then 10% should be the upper and for Camerareject1's bar, I should display what part of the 10% is belonging to Camera1, Camera2 and so on


Any ideas on what this looks like, would be greatly appreciated.