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How to VBA (copy and) paste on a ProcessBook display

Question asked by tgschaef on Sep 24, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2015 by tgschaef

What is the VBA to paste a copied selection of symbols in a defined location on a ProcessBook display? I'm expecting passing it coordinates something like "ThisDisplay.Paste 137, 634".


I can't find anything in the help files and searching the site usually hits on "Paste this VBA into your display..."


A little more background:

I am building a display with a lot of repeated elements. I created a display of a graphic object with several color state elements. I have VBA that will take a tag in a text box and modify each of the defined multistate elements for the provided source tag. It will then select the objects and copy it (ThisDisplay.Copy) for manually pasting into a destination ProcessBook.


Getting lazier, I wanted to write a list of comma separated tags and have it modify the template object, select the elements, copy it, then paste it somewhere else within the same document for each of the provided tags. Each time moving the paste to create a grid X objects wide, as tall as needed. So I have everything I need up to the paste. Then when it is done, I'll manually paste the grid into the destination display.


I welcome input on any aspect of this endeavor if I'm making this harder than it needs to be. This started because I have a display object with nine multistate elements that needs updating for every tag it's used for and I didn't want to manually update each one for each tag group.