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    Display PI Server version number


      Not sure this is the right forum, but its a start.


      For an ERD PI Server Performance ProcessBook display, I'd like to display the version of the PI server itself. Some of the servers are 2010, but not all. Is there any way to get at the server version and stick that in a tag. If it is available in an interface such as PerfMon, that's fine, too.

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          Resolved: we have 'shutdown' enabled on Sinusoid, so using this exdesc, findeq('Sinusoid','*','*-365d',"Shutdown"), will provide the last time the system was restarted, or close enough to it.

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              Hello Alex,


              Thank you for marking your own question resolved but I am a little bit confused because you initially asked about how to display the PI Servers version within a ProcessBook display. I found this question reasonable and created a little VBA example that iterates through the Known Servers Table KST, checks if there's an active connection and in case there is writes Name and Version information to a label. Please note that there's a chance a single display connects to multiple PI Servers. Hence you may have to enhance the example to allow showing the information for multiple PI Server nodes or as we say today "PI Data Archive" nodes.



              Private Sub Display_Open()
                      Dim mySrv As PISDK.Server
                  For Each mySrv In PISDK.Servers
                      If mySrv.Connected = True Then
                          Label1.Caption = "PI Server " & mySrv.Name & " is " & mySrv.ServerVersion.Version
                      End If
                  Next mySrv
              End Sub