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    Pi ACE failing to log in while debugging


      I must be missing something here


      I installed my vCampus server on a VM (Amazon)


      I have PI ACE and Databook installed on my laptop.  Using Visual Studios 2013


      I can retrieve Inputs and Outputs in PI ACE fine.  Code base generates fine and I made a simple script


      Output tag  =  Input1 + input2 (with actual tag names returned from search)


      When I go to debug or test, I get an error in the 'PIACEClassLibraryHost.exe' saying it failed to login to the server and hat the user name/pw may be wrong


      where can I check that and why would it try to use a different user/pw than the one I set up in the first place to retrieve the tags?






      Any help would be great!

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          I should mention that the VM and my laptop are not in the same domain.  This is a test environment for proof of concept only (hence the vCampus subscription)




          After  I've let PI ACE lay out the ground work for the VB code, I can't even connect to the tags with edit either.  It's like once I leave the initial new setup screen it loses connectivity and doesn't return




          I'm at a loss here and I'm new enough to this that I'm having troubles figuring out the connections I think

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              This is a TechSupport question I believe, so I strong recommend to go to OSIsoft TechSupport team to deal with this issue.  However, could you please try to set up your PI security to the lowest one and check if you could do the debug or test.  If so, this should be the security problem.


              Xi Wang


              vCampus team