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Non real-time computations

Question asked by on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by Roger Palmen

I am dealing with tags whose values are not updated in real time, but are manually backfilled later with respect to the timestamps of their measurements. I was asked to make computations based on them and to store their results in dedicated tags.


I have to find a way to make this process automatic. To be more specific, a process in which:

1 - the computations are run only if one of the input tags has received new values (all belonging to the past, none is in real-time)

2 - the tags of the computed values are backfilled within the time frame of the updated values in the input tags.


This task is well beyond my current programming competence in PI, so I would appreciate if someone suggests me at least a good direction to take.

I was thinking of using AF Analyses computations but I don't know, in this case, how to "trigger" them at the right time and how to ask them to perform an automatic backfilling.