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Convert gas flow rate tag from MMSCF to Ksm3

Question asked by jose_dai on Jan 28, 2016
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My customer request to me the following calculation, the total gas flow rate every 24 hours. I can made totalizer tags for calculation this requirement. The problem consist in the following, for creating the totalizer tags my source tag( the gas flow rate per hour) is coming in MMSCF eng units, but I must to convert this unit to Ksm3 for later on get the totalizer values in this unit.


How I can convert my totalizer source tag(tag with values in MMSCF)to ksm3 and use this new source tag in Ksm3 unit for calculating the totalizer tag(total gas rate for each 24 hrs).


The customer said that the convert factor from MMSCF to Ksm3 is multiplying by 1000 and divided by 35.29,but I'm not really sure about that


PD: I can't use AF convert tables.


For your prompt reply