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PI System Explorer - IN/LIKE Clause

Question asked by MassimoSporchia on Mar 1, 2016
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I'm using PI System Explorer ( and I'm having trouble trying to get a data lookup aggregate based on a list of components.

What I'm trying to achieve is something as simple as an attrbute defined as a table lookup:


select 'pippo' from dual

union all select 'pluto' from dual

union all select 'caio' from dual


and an attribute (@Attribute1) of type String that I'd like to store 2 values: pippo and pluto


The table lookup would then have a where clause on the first column value that has to be IN the list defined in @Attribute1.


I've tried to define @Attribute1 in numerous ways but the only time it works is when it's of type String and has only a single value from the table lookup (so, either pippo, pluto or caio).


Is there a way to achieve what I'm trying to achieve with PI System Explorer?


Thanks in advance.