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maxCount in PI WebAPI calls restricted

Question asked by Paurav Joshi Champion on Apr 12, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by Dan Fishman

Hello All,


I have come today that maxCount limitation in PI WebAPI call is 150000. I went to check tuning parameter in my PI Data Archive and to my surprise found one parameter maxArcCollect which is also same number 150000 as value .


That raised some doubts for me:

  1. What is significance of this maxArcCollect ? How it affects querying archived data of tags in PI WebAPI calls?
  2. How processbook or PI datalink is fetching data of the same tag of last month period which has 238543 events?
  3. What will be impact on PI Data Archive, if I increased that number of maxArcCollect to 2000000?
  4. If I query tag which has 2000000 archived value after increasing number of maxArcCollect, how will it affects resources (example, RAM, CPU usage) on my machine?



Paurav Joshi


Note: This case is useful only for bulk read using stream calls of PI Web API


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