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    Event Frame Attribute Queries


      Hi all,


      I am trying to use the element template framework to compute aggregate values whenever a phase completes on my DeltaV System.


      I have created an element template for each equipment class in my system.   Similar to the one depicted below.

      [image Removed]


      Next, I built an equipment template on each equipment in the class, and assigned the tags that are relevant for the equipment to the template as shown below.


      [image Removed]


      Lastly, I built the event frame template to fire every time a phase executes.


      [image Removed]


      Now when I compute the values, I am getting two types of errors.


      1. The first one appears to be related to the Count aggregate, and how the UOM for the count is different than the instrument.   I have the default UOM of the count aggregate set to 'none' for the count aggegate, but it is still throwing the error.   How can I adjust my solution to eliminate this error.

      2. For the equipment classes that do not have the full complement of instrumentation, I am getting errors that imply cannot compute aggregate because the instrumentation can t be found.  It is almost like there should be a equipment class specific event frame template  How can I adjust my solution to eliminate this error..

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          Hi Tom,


          The first 3 screen shots you provided are all the same, so I don't know what your element/EF templates look like. Also, it is hard to tell what exactly the messages returned in your generated EF's are. However, if you are using only 1 EF template across all of your different element templates, some which might not contained referenced elements within the EF template, then the attribute not found is expected and can only be cleaned up by creating multiple EF templates for each element template.



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              Sorry about that.  I took all of the screenshots but didn’t copy them





              The Element Template




              The Event Frame Template





              And finally the equipment element.




              I guess my question for the first item is how do I get the count to compute

              correctly without throwing the error.  You will note that I have

              highlighted the configuration of the count item in my screenshot.


              Also, how do I have multiple event frame templates, assigned to a given

              category of event and how do I control which one is fired?

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                  Dan Fishman

                  Tom, you will want to change your configuration string to include the following settings: TimeMethod=NotSupported;TimeRangeMethod=Count;TimeRangeBasis=EventWeighted;UOM=count

                  Basically, you have to select the TimeMethod to "NotSupported" to obtain the count of events. 


                  For the second issue it sounds like you will need to configure a Recipe Template in the EMDVB interface.  Recipe templates allow you to configure what EF template is assigned at each level.  If you know this piece of equipment will never have those attributes, I would recommend assigning an additional recipe template that will trigger whenever the trigger condition is met.  In this case your trigger, I believe you want to add an additional template to the phase template that is triggered with something similar to [Unit, value="090_R11"].  It likely will take a few tries to obtain the correct configuration but the point is "Recipe Templates" on the EMDVB interface allow you to decide which template to apply. 


                  Overall, this looks like a very nice setup.