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Simple IoT Ardunio Control Example

Question asked by jmatranga on Nov 5, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by rzandvliet

This is a great simple example of an IoT controller lab here from MIT/BYU heree:  Temperature Control with an Arduino | Dynamics and Control - very clear and compact.  I believe, the sample comes with a simulator to allow someone to program without the actual heater/ thermistor device.


The current code writes out to a Excel file.


Can I ask someone in the community(Academic Users Group or PI Developers Club) to share existing work or create a simple example module to write the data to PI vs the excel file to innovate on this education sample?

This would allow the students to send data PI to create a lasting record and allow for more advanced analytics to be done as part of the class.


Any level of help would help the students - good refrences, design ideas, code,etc...