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    Texting PI assets


      Is there a way to use imessage to write comments or text data to assets for example that would help provide context to maintenance or failures?

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          Hi Steven,


          Can you provide more context to what you are looking for?


          For PI Tags, you can write annotations to them which can detail why a value is reading abnormal.  You can use this function as a way to show maintenance and failure reasonings.


          In Asset Framework (AF), you can use event frames to block up time periods where assets are down or in maintenance.  You can use attributes in AF that users can input messages.


          I'm assuming that you wish to use iMessage application to write to those comments and text data?  In that case, you'll need to write a custom AF-SDK application that can parse the message into the appropriate PI Tags in PI Data Archive or Elements in AF.



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            Paurav Joshi

            Hi Steven Pankratz,


            If you want to have out-of-box solution then this article one of the best I read.



            Paurav Joshi