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      Do anyone know how to configure PI so Simca Online can write values to a PI tag? Read is no problem!


      Log from Simca Online

      EventFrameCVD:simapi2_connectionWriteHistoricalData failed.
      Status code: SIMAPI2_STATUS_ERROR (1)



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          OSIsoft has PI Interface for SIMCA-Online available. The other option could be using PI Interface for UFL, or RDBMS. Those read data from txt file or from a database then send data to tags.


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            Dan Fishman

            Patrick, I believe the OSIsoft PI Interface for SIMCA only reads EF/Batches and exports those to SIMCA.  I don't believe it writes to a PI tag but just reads.  The name "interface" is pretty misleading when it comes to SIMCA since it is quite different than OSIsoft's other interfaces. 

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                Hello Dan!

                Thank for answering! :-)

                Simca online have a functioncall, "writeback". Variables goes from PI to Simca online thrue OSIsoft driver "PISIMBatchOLAF.DLL", then into multivariat analyses engine and calk diffrent score valus, this values simca can write back to PI. The read function is no problem, it is the writeback... I belive that it have some issu with security, who can write to a tag. Maby domain user? Simca service vs Pi mapping? Witch pi table should have write security....i am not så experience into windows/pi security ;-)