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    TED like talks on vCampus Live! event


      This idea came up that I would like to share with the community:


      I thought it would be nice to have 1 or 2 sessions on the vCampus Live! event that include 5 - 10 minute talks about new technology, implementation stories, best practices, fun stuff, a custom application, etc.


      This would be very short and fast talks (much like the TED talks). It would be very diverse/dynamic sessions, with interesting and fun stuff. If you want to talk further or in more detail about it, you can do this with the speaker at one of the technology roundtables.


      A 1 hour sessions would include 6 - 8 talks from different speakers.


      What does the community (including OSIsoft :) ) think about this?



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          I like the idea, it seems like it would be more worthwhile if they the talks were around some kind of theme.  Short talks are nice, becuase they are much easier to prepare and deliver.  They also also get right to the point.

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              I personally like the idea of having all kinds of different subjects, this will keep it very educational and entertaining.


              Maybe members could propose a talk, and the community gets to vote. The highest ranking proposals will get picked for a talk. This could proposals by OSIsoft staff and (other) vCampus members ?

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                  It is a good idea.  If we have members who want to participate, we'll definately do it.  Would the topics be completely open, or would there be some guidlines?  If you like we can setup a seperate discussion forum to discuss the ideas and collect interest level for topics.

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                      I think there should definitly be some guidelines, but they shouldn't be very restrictive.


                      I suggest we start discussing guidelines in this topic, and when it's more clear what the talks should look like we can open a discussion forum around it (where members can propose talks in seperate topics or something).


                      I think the most important criteria should be that it has to be a very geeky presentation.


                      Just a few idea's about session topics:

                      • Fun / interesting stories about a case (related to PI)
                      • Fun applications with PI / using PI for totally different things
                      • Interesting applications
                      • Idea's on new applications (collaborative projects?)
                      • Some vision of the future (related to PI / Data Historians)
                      • Introducing a new technology
                      • Introduction to a new programming language (D, F#, LISP, Scheme, ...)
                      • Introduction to some obscure programming language that nobody uses (brainf****, LOLCODE, ...)