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    Server Busy


      Has anyone run into a "SERVER BUSY" message when programming in .NET with the SDK using the Calculate or ExpressionSummaries? 


      I have the ExpressionSummaries method in a loop and occassionally I get the "SERVER BUSY" MessageBox with "Swtich To", "Retry" or "Cancel" as options.  If I "Retry" a few times the process eventually completes successfully.  Any ideas about why the message appears?  This is a synchronous call to the method. 





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          Do you happen to click somewhere on the form (is that even a Windows Forms application?) while the PI SDK is working? This error is a generic OLE error and is not related to PI SDK specifically... it simply indicates that the thread that the UI executes in is busy doing something else and cannot respond to your request (should it be as simple as a click on the form). This can also have to do with available resources (i.e. RAM) on your system.


          I would suggest you take the asynchronous approach to execute this on another thread and have your UI thread still responsive.


          Should you need assistance on using these methods in an asynchronous manner, I invite you to initiate a new discussion thread in this forum - this is a different topic than the "Server Busy" dialog.

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              Steve Pilon

              generic OLE error
              If you wondered about the OLE error (OLE is related to COM and you are in a .NET application, after all!), keep in mind the underlying PI SDK libraries - behind the .NET interops - are COM-based.

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                  This is not always associated with a click from the UI.  I've started off the process and left the UI alone and still had it report back with a SERVER BUSY error.  Is there a class of exception that I could catch instead? 


                  Are there any speed advantages to synchronous operations using the PI-SDK methods?   I understand the advantage for the UI and I may move to that.

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                Hi Dan,


                I split the thread to address the asynchronous calls: Asynchronous Summaries