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How to create back-to-back EventFrames?

Question asked by Roger Palmen on Mar 2, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by Roger Palmen

One of my favourite topics, and least favourite headaches. I need to create EventFrames back-to-back. Meaning, the endtime of the previous event = the starttime of the current event. This is quite a common scenario: e.g. changes in batches, phases, etc.


For clock-scheduled analysis, we can use identical start- and end-triggers and the 'trick' to delay the start trigger with some seconds. That was outlined here: Re: Run Event Frame for only 24 hours


However for event-triggered EventFrames this does not work. If i use HasValueChanged() without a starttigger delay, i get zero-duration eventframes. If i use a delay, the HasValueChanged() does not pickup the change and i get nothing in preview or results. Event Tagval()<> PrevVal() does not work. Somehow i feel that if i would reverse the order of evaluating start and endtriggers, it should work (opposite behaviour of the zero-duration EF), but that's a side-discussion.


So anybody any ideas?


Currently working on an approach using 2 Analysis in tandem, but have not got that working 100% yet.