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Question asked by hoongfh on Mar 2, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2017 by hoongfh

Currently, I am developing a VB .net script to retrieve the batch data via PI SDK PIBatchSearch function and display the result on the web. unfortunately, the result always return nothing. The code as follow:


VB Script 1

Dim PIServer As PISDK.Server


Dim BatchDB As PISDK.PIBatchDB

Dim BatchList As PISDK.PIBatchList

Dim Batch As PISDK.PIBatch

Dim UnitBatchList As PISDK.PIUnitBatches

PIServer = pp.Servers.DefaultServer   ' PI Server name = PIServer


BatchDB = PIServer.PIBatchDB

'get all batches within last two days

        BatchList = BatchDB.PIBatchSearch("*-10000d", "*", "*", "*", "*")


For Each Batch In BatchList

UnitBatchList = Batch.PIUnitBatches


   Next Batch

    End Sub


Note: Batch always return nothing



However, the batch result is retrievable if I import "PI BatchView OLE Control Module" as reference and develop the script based on "PI BatchView OLE Control Module". The code as follow:


VB Script 2


Imports PITimeServer

Imports PISDK

Public Class Form1

    Public PIServer As PISDK.Server

    Public PP As New PISDK.PISDK

    Public BatchView As New PIBatchView

    ' Public Cxn As New PISDKDlg.Connections

    Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load


With BatchView

.QueryKind = pibvQueryKind.pibvBatch

.Server = "PIServer"

.UnitCond = pibvTestCond.pibvLike

.ProdTest = "*"

.IDCond = pibvTestCond.pibvLike

.IDTest = "*"

.TimeFrom = "*-10000d"

.TimeTo = "*"

.Direction = pibvSearchDirection.pibvAll


.MustSelect = True



End With




Note: The result will display in the "PI Batchview Search result" dialog box. However, I cannot use this approach because I need to display the Batch search result on the web.



My Question:

  1. What is the difference between the 2 approaches above? Are they searching the same batch database?
  2. Is that any problem in the VB script 1? Is that any setting need to apply in order to allow VB script 1 to retrieve the PI Batch data from PI Server.