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    What is the VLE? Virtual Learning Environment

    Camille Metzinger

      What is the OSIsoft Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)?

      Simply put, OSIsoft's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is a PI System sandbox that allows you to learn new skills, to expand your knowledge through hands-on labs, to check out new products, or to try things that you simply cannot do in your production environment.


      Find out more about our VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) in this 3 min YouTube video:


      What is included in the VLE?

      As of October 2017, the monthly and yearly VLE subscriptions include access to the following hands-on labs :

      * Note: As we try our best to offer the most up-to-date learning labs, this list will be regularly updated. To view the latest learning labs included in the VLE subscription, please refer to learning.osisoft.com


      • Asset Based PI Example Kits
      • Field Service Scripts
      • PI Programming (Japanese)
      • TechCon 2015 US: Hands On with PI Batch to PI Event Frames Migration hands-on session
      • TechCon 2015: PI System with Windows Security
      • TechCon 2016: Add Custom Symbols to PI Coresight 2016
      • TechCon 2016: Advanced PI Web API
      • TechCon 2016: Advanced Programming with PI AF SDK
      • TechCon 2016: Build Better Reports with PI SQL Framework
      • TechCon 2016: Build Web-Based Real-Time Dashboards
      • TechCon 2016: Collecting Data using the new PI Connector for UFL
      • TechCon 2016: Condition Based Maintenance with PI AF
      • TechCon 2016: Developing Cross-platform Mobile Apps Using Apache Cordova and PI Web API
      • TechCon 2016: Downtime Analysis with Event Frames
      • TechCon 2016: Operational Insights Using Real-time Dashboards and Self-service Business Intelligence
      • TechCon 2016: PI AF SDK for Beginners
      • TechCon 2016: PI Integrator for Business Analytics - Effortless Enterprise Reporting and Analytics Across the Entire PI System
      • TechCon 2016: PI Web API for Beginners
      • TechCon 2016: Use Data Science for Machine Learning and Predictions Based on Your PI System Data
      • TechCon 2016: Using Forecast Data with the PI System
      • TechCon 2016: Using the PI System to Model and Improve Your Processes
      • UC 2017 Hands-On Lab - Exploring your Data with PI Vision 2017
      • UC 2017 Hands-On Lab - Incorporating CM Data Vibration, Infrared and Acoustic for CBM
      • UC 2017 Hands-on Lab: Adding Pattern Recognition Capabilities to Your PI System with Falkonry
      • UC 2017 Hands-on Lab: Administering and Managing the PI System
      • UC 2017 Hands-on Lab: Apply Data Science and Machine Learning to PI System Data for Predictive Analytics
      • UC 2017 Hands-on Lab: Build Applications for the PI System - Learn Basics of PI Developer Technologies
      • UC 2017 Hands-on Lab: Build Applications with PI Web API
      • UC 2017 Hands-on Lab: Building Displays with the new PI Vision 2017
      • UC 2017 Hands-on Lab: Building Reports from Your Event Frame Data
      • UC 2017 Hands-on Lab: Business Intelligence and Visual Analytics with PI System data
      • UC 2017 Hands-on Lab: Create and Operationalize Forecasting Models with the PI Infrastructure and Azure Machine Learning
      • UC 2017 Hands-on Lab: Data Ingress Application Development Using Web-Based Technologies
      • UC 2017 Hands-on Lab: Develop Data Ingress Applications on Your Favorite Edge Devices Using the OSIsoft Message Format
      • UC 2017 Hands-on Lab: Developing Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Using Xamarin and PI Web API
      • UC 2017 Hands-on Lab: Discover the PI Connector for OPC UA
      • UC 2017 Hands-on Lab: Extending the PI Security Audit Tools to Meet the Needs of Your Environment
      • UC 2017 Hands-on Lab: Getting Started with the AF SDK
      • UC 2017 Hands-on Lab: Locking Your PI System Without Locking Down Your PI System
      • UC 2017 Hands-on Lab: Power Generation - Fossil Performance Monitoring & Calculations
      • UC 2017 Hands-on Lab: Tips and Tricks with PI Builder and PI System Explorer
      • UC 2017 Hands-on Lab: Using the PI System to Detect and Track Important Events in your Assets and Processes
      • UC 2017 Hands-on Lab: Utilizing MS SQL Server Integration Services for Reporting PI Data via Email or Flat File


      To Subscribe to the VLE:


      Have More Questions About the VLE?

      Please visit the OSIsoft Learning FAQ page, and scroll down to "Virtual Learning Environment"