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Rendering PI Information on Phones

Question asked by RickSmithJr on May 12, 2017
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Several years ago we wrote an application to output PI information on phones via HTTP. The uses a text based configuration file to organize tables of information, single trace and multiple trace trends, allows the user to change the time period period (8 hours-4 days) and change start time. Out current solution requires am administrator to update the configuration files to drive the system... We would like to replace this application with Coresight and ran a series of tests determine the best way to render the information.


Hopefully someone can suggest improvements to our methods.


One of the problems we ran into was scrolling the displays because we kept activating scrolling within Coresight tables and trends while we were trying to scroll the display. Here is a summary of our findings so far...

Display a list of 10-50 time stamps, values and units of measure:

  • Individual Values: Drag value symbols to the display stacked one above the other.
    • Slower configuration because having to handle symbol alignment, but not too bad.
    • Rendering is good and scrolling works like people expect.
    • Ad Hoc trending of individual values works well.
  • Coresight Table: Drag several PI Tags/Element Attributes onto a table symbol.
    • Rending is good, but difficulty scrolling... The table scrolls and not the display...
    • Ad Hod trending is unreadable because there are too many traces on the trend.
  • ProcessBook Display: Drag values symbols to the PB display stacked one above the other.
    • Additional step of using PB.
    • Slower configuration because using PB and having to handle symbol alignment.

Current preference is Individual Values option.


Display a list of 2-10 trends with 1-3 traces per trend:

  • Coresight Trends: Drag several PI Tags/Element Attributes onto a series of trend symbols stacked one above the other.
    • Provides all the features of Coresight, but difficult to scroll the whole page... Keep activating the trend symbol.
  • ProcessBooks Trends: Build ProcessBook displays parallel to above.
    • Scrolling works like the user expects, but requires building PB displays and loses Coresight features.

Current preference is ProcessBook option.


We are moving forward to build out a small facility with the highlighted options to demonstrate to our users. I do not expect them to like the solution well enough to replace the home-grown application, but it is a start...


I am open to any suggestions from the community to help us implement a pure Coresight solution.