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PI Vision 2017 Upgrade Results in 401 - Not Authorized

Question asked by on Jun 1, 2017
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Hello All,


I just upgraded my Coresight 2016 installation to PI Vision 2017. When I attempt to access the /PIVision and /PIVision/Admin web sites using the FQDN, I get prompted for credentials 3 times before getting 401'd. I have verified the only authentication method being used is Windows Authentication. All other means of Authentication (Forms, Digest, Basic, Anonymous, and ASP.Net Impersonation) are disabled at all levels.


My Server is 2012 R2. It is running SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition and hosts the Asset Framework Server (2016 R2) Database also. The upgrade completed successfully. All the services, groups, app pools, etc were renamed. The only reconfiguration I did was in IIS Manager where I had to reconfigure the app pools to use a domain account as before.


I did notice that the Coresight database still exists in SQL Server Management Studio, I was expecting it to get renamed as well, but maybe not. There is no PIVision database defined. However, If I browse to https://localhost/PIVision/Admin and look at the PI Vision Database Configuration tab, there is a yellow exclamation point next to the Coresight database.


I am unsure how to proceed. Do you have any suggestions?