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Hi, Does anybody have any experience with Microsoft Power BI and getting data from PI via a SQL Linked Server? Do you have to create a SQL database with views to PI via the SQL Linked Server? Ultimately I also want it to be available to the Power BI cloud version via the Data Gateway. Thanks, David.

This Lab was part of the TechCon Hands-on Labs during PI Users Conference in 2017 in San Francisco.  The Lab was also offered in Sao Paulo, Brazil during LATAM Regional 2017 and at UC EMEA London. The Lab manual is attached; the manual is intended for an instructor led interactive workshop – so you may find the written content short on
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I know this has come up in the past and was on the development radar at one time, but what is OSIsoft doing to fix the fact that if you build a PI Vision display, but then reorganize the AF hierarchy, then your PI Vision display "breaks" and "No Data" is shown.   I know at one time, all of the attribute references on trends, gauges, values,