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Hi, I was configuring the pi buffer subsystem for an OPC DA interface.  After configuration was completed the buffer subsystem will not start. from the windows service pain I click start but I get a message saying the server started then stopped.   I can run the buffer in the interactive mode from the command prompt but the interface

Looking to pull together a lot of PLC from MEs at multiple sites using C# into an Asset Framework database to map out all of the tags into the organization structure of the plants. It seems like from PI System Explorer that a database can only map to a single server, but that you can have one server map to multiple databases. Is it possible to
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Looking for help to get started. Specifically looking for interfaces to query sensory values from an API, preferably REST-based. I see many APIs, some that say deprecated. Was hoping to find a doc that described overall what is available, and possibly a devkit that would let me fake out sensors to develop code that reads sensor values.  Can