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10-minute read   Data quality is a foundational prerequisite for data engineering in your digital transformation and data science/machine learning initiatives.  This is a "how-to"  for getting started and implementing a layered approach to data quality with the PI System.      With streaming industrial sensor/IoT

Hi fellow PI Square community members,   I would like to share with all of you a personal project that I have been working on during my free time. The application is still currently in beta. I still have a lot features to implement and I'm open to adding more.     List of main technologies used in this app: Back end: -
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Discussion Questions: How likely is it that you will know (or be given) every PI Point name you need to work with? Your boss sees your great work and says that MixingTank2 should have the same display, how do you build out another display for the second mixing tank? Next week, you know that the products in your mixing tanks will change. How