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Originally posted on UserVoice processbook looks like it is out of the late 90's and early 2000's.  Can we get some updates on this.  I know you are pushing PI Vision but some people don't want to use a web based software to do this with.  Because Processbook is so outdated in functionality and look my company has been looking at

HI Community,   As shown in below snip, i couldnt see username at right side. how can i achieve it for reference, i am sharing another snip which shows my name   please advise me if any configuration changes needs to be done.   Thank you Ashwin       Screen clipping taken: 5/25/2018 11:20 AM    
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When we want to determine the future data for a PI point using PI Analyses - can anyone tell how much historical data it use to populate the future data?   Lets say, I am trying to populate 1 day of future data for a Wellhead pressure.  How much time it will go back or how much historical data it will use to determine and predict this
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I have a project using Arduino that is connected at my computer via USB and I want to send data to PI Server. The PI Server is installed at virtual machine in other node. I can connect Arduino OPC Server with other client softwares, even PI OPC Client Tool. Although, when I connect Arduino OPC Server on PI Interface it shows the following error: