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Hello, I created simple DR. Next I created new analysis When I testing CDR in VisualStudio attached to PSE process, I have set the breakpoint on the GetValue method. Pressing the Evaluate button breaks the GetValue method twice (have to press the continue button twice in the VisualStudio) Is it normal situation? I supposed one break per

Hi,   I want to integrate network of sensors to an existing PI-system , which has already a big network of different devices.   The devices I want to connect have a cloud connector that fetches the events produced by the sensors and pushes the events as json objects to a desired endpoint. There is also possible to fetch all this data
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Having a slightly confusing issue - when opening ProcessBook displays (especially with AF tags) or pulling data through DataLink I'm having PB or Excel freeze up on me. By freeze up I mean task manager shows not responding / or it shows #### for the value. It also happens when I'm editing displays, the whole interface will freeze. I'm not