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Originally posted on UserVoice As PI Vision user, I would like the Assets Tool Pane to automatically browse to the current asset context of the display. This will be helpful when I am viewing an existing display and would like to add a related data item to the display for further analysis.

So I am looking at displaying a specific word on a PI PB graphic from within PI System Explorer which is dependent on the numeric value of a specific PI tag. The tag is basically a run status and I want to display ON or OFF respectively.   Assistance would be appreciated, thank you!!
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Hello,      We are facing an issue while trying to get the data from OPC Server with the help of OPC Enforcer into the PI OPC DA Client. We are able to see the data in the Matrikon OPC Explorer but while trying to fetch the data through PI OPC Client it is returning an error  "Unable to find any OPCEnum server on *server
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Since years I'm using VB.NET make graphs and tables from vaules in PI. So far I have always used PIOLEDB to connect to PI and fetch the values. Using a SQL something like: SELECT value from piarchive..piavg WHERE tag= 'Test-Value' AND time BETWEEN '01-12-2011' AND '01-01-2012' AND timestep= '1m' AND calcbasis='TimeWeighted' I'm now wondering if