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Hi.   Is it possible to write to the OSISoft PI OPC DA Server from a third party application, like Labview for instance? If so, does it need any extra configuration?   -Olav
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I have Python with DSN = "Provider=PIOLEDB.1;..." where do I find this provider ? Searches for "PI OLEDB Provider" yield 'deprecated in favor of Enterprise which is no help...
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PI Datalinkにて積算値のデータを1h毎のデータに変換したい場合の方法を教えてください。(現在の値から-1hの値の差分)
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We have a New AF server (Server 2) installed in the same domain and the existing AF DB (from Server 1)has been Imported to new AF server. I want to recreate existing services on the PI Integrator for ESRI to repoint it to new AF server(Server 2). But the PI Integrator is unable to find New AF server when trying to fill details in Data source… (Show more)
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Click to view contentThe more I read about R, the more interested I get. It really provides solutions for a wide range of problems. The R packages are well documented, have example to get you started and I found that the creators and authors are very approachable . There is a learning curve especially if you want to create some custom scripts, but at large you get… (Show more)
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Guilherme Ferreira
Click to view contentHi all!   I have an OPC Server which only allows v1.0a Protocol, and I am failing to collect data from it with the PI Interface for OPC DA. Supposedly, I have configured DCOM and every other security parameters as I should, but I still get the "Unable to advise for shutdown notification" error in PI OPC Client Tool.   Due to that error, I… (Show more)
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Hello All.   The idea is to perform PI and OPC Interfaces upgraded to latest versions and on Windows 2016 servers.    Currently we have 2 OPC interfaces with failover configured on a Windows 2008 Servers.  We plan to replace one of those interface servers with the exact same OPC Interface versions, but on a Windows 2016 server and test if… (Show more)
Click to view contentHello. We have RtReports 4.0.2. After having generated a report, if we press View PDF we get an error: "Error printing report. Print failed. PDF conversion error: Unable to write PDF to disk. Windows error 5. Access is denied." The pdf is generated, but the page header is missing. If I clear the page header, the error is still risen. Have you… (Show more)
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Jerome Lefebvre
PI Vision 2020 brought a change to how paths are encoded, the change is great as it makes the display more resilient to changes to the AF structure. But, this impact custom symbols such as manual data entry symbols. Let's see what is the current situation and how we can resolve it.   Here is how a path is stored in PI Vision 2020, with additional… (Show more)
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Hi, I am planning on performing a PI Collective upgrade and have had a few different opinions for the approach. These are the steps I am planning to follow, do these make sense? I would have preferred to leave one server running, upgrade the other then failover, but because there will be a version mismatch its not recommended. Is this how you… (Show more)
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An automatic upgrade of PI Cloud Connect was completed on October 20, 2020.  The upgrade went smoothly. This release includes two bug fixes and stability improvements.    1.  In rare instances, PI Cloud Connect would not connect with TLS 1.2.  With this release, TLS 1.2 is now used exclusively.    2. The AF configuration database no longer appears…
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