How to design the AF Template for calculating the Equipment operation Hours and Usage

Blog Post created by 4season on Jun 28, 2019

Problem explain:Many plant have rotating equipment ie:Pump A/B/C , process running status maybe use two pump(A/B) aand pump C is idle or pending. How to calculate the operation hours and usage percent?


Design idea:  I use PI AF and design the "PumpABC" element templeate below:

the attribute name design below:

  •  attribute A/B/C : the attribute is PI Tag ,because the DCS Tagname ex: P-100A.pv P-100B.pv P-100C.pv , so I use default  "\\%Server%\%Element%%Attribute%"  and plus ".PV" to match PI Tagname 
  • the "end time" "start time" attribute ---> because it will use to calculate the analysis expression, so it must to convert the value type "DateTime"(Timestamp) and the data reference must choose the "String Builder"
  • the "Pump_Ahr" "Pump_Apercent" ...."Pump_Chr""Pump_Cpercent" attributes created by Pi analysis template below
  • Build the Element and use "PumpABC" Template, the Element name use PI Tag P103 and the "ABC" omit it