PI Visualization Hackathon - downtime management prototyp

Blog Post created by Ansgar.Backhaus on Mar 12, 2017

This is our submission from Team werusys - Cologne.


Our goal during this PI Visualization  Hackathon was, to replace our own „Downtime Management“ product, which consists of a custom windows service and an ASP.NET web application  by an OSIsoft integrated solution. The “old” web application looks like several asset production lines - timeline bars with custom data included (f.e. green running, red – shut down)


Legacy Downtime Management:




The first step was to insert the asset structure into AF. Then, with a little help of AF analysis services, event frames are generated, depending on production or shutdown.




The main work was to find and integrate an open source timeline control into coresight. This shouldn’t be a gant chart, because our customers should have the same look and feel like in the old application.  So we found the timeline control in this library:


It meets perfect our needs.  Together with OSISoft Analysis Services, PI Web Api and Coresight, we were able to build our downtime management application with OSI products out of the box.



Short Video how it works is attached.


PI Visualization Hackathon - downtime management Prototyp



  • Event Frame visualization in time lines
  • Zooming
  • Scrolling
  • Editing of custom event frame properties


Future Features:

  • Visualization of future production and prediction with PI Future Tags


Github source:


Libraries loaded from CDNJS:

  • vis.js Timeline
  • async.js


Resume: OSIsoft PI Vision 2017, including PI Web Api and Coresight is a perfect platform form building customer specific applications. It's exensible, fast and stable.


Thanks for this nice virtual Hackathon,


Ansgar Backhaus


werusys Institut für angewandte Systemanalytik und Industrieinformatik GmbH & Co. KG

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