And so it begins.....again

Blog Post created by BrianBolton Champion on Oct 12, 2018

After almost 35 years working with one company I received the shock of my life. It was a phone call that went something like this, "due to our recent divestitures we have been instructed to cut our engineering department by 40%, as a result your position is being eliminated". I was caught completely off-guard. All of the things that I have internalized to be a long term corporate employee were popping into my thoughts. Things like, I have been steadily rewarded for hard work and dedication with new positions, responsibilities and pay increases. I always meet or exceed expectations during performance reviews, I always give more time to the company than I take and I have been considered a subject matter expert for numerous Division wide projects. I am a team player that is always available to help anyone that needs it. As the days went by the reality of it all finally started sinking in. At that point I started thinking about the details. What about my pension, I am not old enough to retire? What about my 401k, what is going to happen with that? How are we going to make it without healthcare? These were all new issues for me but, some people don't even have any of those things to worry about. I had to stop feeling sorry for myself and start looking for another job. I had been a user of OSIsoft PI products since the late 1990's. I was a local PI administrator and for the last six years I had been a PI Systems Engineer. Other divisions within the company I had been working for were PI EA customers, maybe I could find a job within the company. I started job hunting internally but couldn't find anything. I was convinced that my age was an issue. One day I decided to change a setting on my LinkedIn account to allow recruiters to view my profile. Within a couple days I received an email from Maverick Technologies a Rockwell Automation company. After several telephone interviews I was offered a job as a consultant. I just started this week. One of the first tasks I have been asked to do it to get OSIsoft Certified. I hope to use this blog to take my followers o the journey with me. Thanks for taking the time to read this.