Starting to find my way....

Blog Post created by BrianBolton Champion on Jan 24, 2019

Well my 90 days on the job has come and gone. For the most part the onboarding process is complete. I have begun actually consulting. I spent a full week in Kalamazoo, Michigan at a customer's facility helping in the development of a huge project. Phase 1 of maybe 3 or 4 Phases. I have prepared training for new project engineers and developers. I have met some of the industries best minds, sales, project managers, programmers, integrators, developers, various subject matter experts and top industry managers. Just being in the same room or on a call with some of these people gets your creative juices flowing. To say I am happy with my new job would be an understatement. My Supervisor and my team, along with the fine folks at Rockwell Automation, have made me feel relevant and a very important part of our business. The support is awesome. I have also found out just how small this world is. People from OSIsoft that I have worked with in the past are scattered among some of the businesses I have been working with. I will be attending PI World 2019 and will once again get to see some of my peers and some of the great OSIsoft employees. To those that are reading my blog posts, I appreciate the encouragement you have given me. I will from time to time continue to write in this blog space. Have a great day!