Update: March 6th, 2019

Blog Post created by BrianBolton Champion on Mar 6, 2019

     I haven't shared my adventure in a while so I thought I should post an update. It is safe to say losing my job after 34.5 years was not the end of the world. The work I am doing now is very different but is equally as fulfilling. MAVERICK Technologies is an awesome place to work. Everyone I have come in contact with really lives the team mentality. I guess not having to compete with co-workers generates a very healthy work environment. Each project presents it's own set of challenges and having subject matter experts available in all areas of system integration makes finding the solution seem effortless. I completely understand why Rockwell Automation decided to purchase and merge our companies together. To say I was nervous about learning to work with new people would be an understatement, and while there are a lot of people I am working with that I haven't met in person, I don't think it could have been any easier to get up and going. Next week we will have our annual team meeting and I will get to meet everyone on the team. I think it is going to be great.

     On a personal note, my wife and I found out on Christmas Day that we are going to be first time grandparents in August of this year. Our oldest daughter and her husband surprised us with a tiny pair of moccasins and a note saying. "Baby Bassitt" coming August 2019. Needless to say we are absolutely thrilled. I have wanted an inshore fishing boat for the last 20 years and in January we decided to go ahead and make it happen. I bought a Sea Hunt Ultra 225 with a hard t-top. I have named it Mystic One. If it doesn't stop raining in North Carolina, I will be able to launch the boat from my backyard. All we are waiting for now is a bit warmer temperatures. Thank you to those who follow this blog. You have made my transition a bit easier.

     On a sad note, my father passed away last Tuesday, February 26th at 7:00 AM. He made it to 80 years old and by the grace of God, he did not suffer. We will miss him dearly but we know he is in Heaven.