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PI Visualization Hackathon - Magion Scatterplot Matrix

Blog Post created by David Golverdingen Champion on Mar 7, 2017

The PI Visualization Hackathon entry of team MAGION is a Scatterplot Matrix, which allows basic statistical data research directly in Coresight.

When following a statistical course with R, I encountered the scatterplot matrix for the first time. The new custom symbol feature allowed me to create a similar statistic tool for Coresight. In addition this Hackathon is a great way to contribute to the community.


This tool will give you a visual overview for detecting data that might be related. Questions it will answer are:


Just for demonstrating purposes (not for the data) I picked the Mineral Processing example in AF, see screenshot below:




Features overview:

  • No dependencies on external services or tooling like R or Azure ML or some external Rest API. It just works directly in Coresight with Asset Framework (or direcly PI data archive ) data exposed by the PIWebAPI.
  • Remove outliers with the Mahalanobis distance and choose how strong this filter should be applied.
  • Fit a linear regression line for each scatter plot and show the formula in a tooltip with the slope and the intercept
  • Calculate the Pearson correlation and or the Spearman correlation
  • Show basic statistics
  • Auto scale the plot based on the width and the number of data sources added.
  • Interpolation of data over given time range and interval. (In this example above the time range of 24 hours is equally divided by 184)
  • Show tooltip with the data source path and data values


The above features in action are shown in the following video (Best viewed full screen with quality 1080p):



Github source:

GitHub - DaveGold/Magion-Scatterplot-Matrix: Magion Scatterplot Matrix - Custom Symbol for Coresight


Future extensions that could be interesting:


I hope you like this symbol and if you have more idea's please leave a reply.


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