Floris Zwaard

PI Vision auto refresh to Now

Blog Post created by Floris Zwaard on Oct 6, 2017

A custom symbol to update a display to 'Now' in a certain interval time.

In some situations the PI Vision display is used as a dashboard to monitor real time processes.

When the timebar is still active on the display, users can scroll back in time and leave the display that way.

This causes the display not to show the new data updates anymore. So I created a very simple custom symbol that automatically refreshes the display to 'Now' according to

a default time of 60000 milliseconds or a configurable time interval through the right mouse click config menu.

The new set time interval will only be active after a browser refresh(CTRL+F5). (by choice)


The screenshot below show the time is set back from 'Now', while the 'Now' button does not have a green background.



The screenshot below show the display with the optional Timebar and toobar hidden options.