How digital transformation can impact workforce turnover

Blog Post created by JimGavigan Champion on Mar 14, 2019

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Judging by the traffic on my YouTube channel, website, and LinkedIn feed, the series on why AF is CRITICAL was a hit. Another platform I will be introducing with this post is a podcast. I know lots of experts in this field of Industry 4.0, Digital transformation, IIoT, etc. that I will be interviewing over the next year or so to sprinkle in to the mix. In the full interview, we talked about digital transformation, how to "sell" the need, the workshops that Buck leads and who comes to them, and knowledge transfer.


My first shot at this was with Buck Bard, a former colleague of mine at OSIsoft. Buck focuses on leading companies through digital transformation workshops, and is well versed in methods like design thinking and others. We spoke for an hour, but this is about an 8 minute snippet on what we both believe is the single biggest reason for digital transformation, and that is knowledge transfer. Every industry is seeing massive changes in the workforce through retirement and younger workers coming into the fold. We need to accelerate knowledge transfer by using these initiatives.


I will be posting the full video on the website, my YouTube channel, and will also be putting up a link to just the audio for podcast download as soon as I figure that out! So, be watching my LinkedIn feed or re-visit the website for that.


Here is the conversation:


The YouTube link: Why is Digital Transformation So Important? With Buck Bard (Short) - YouTube

our website: https://www.industrialinsightinc.com/single-post/2019/03/14/Why-is-Digital-Transformation-So-Important-A-Conversation-with-Buck-Bard