Video Blog - if you are staring at static reports every day, you need to watch this

Blog Post created by JimGavigan Champion on Oct 2, 2019

Hello everyone,


Sorry it has been a while since I have done a video blog. I guess I haven’t been inspired in a while, and I have been busy as well. However, this one was easy and it is a topic that should resonate with most, if not all of you.


I have actually seen recent posts here on PI Square where people wanted a printout of PI Processbook screens so that everyone would be looking at the same data in the morning meetings at their plant. I was also recently given a static .PDF report from one of our customers to convert to a longer term, more insightful report that was actually the inspiration for this post. I also recently had a discussion with a potential customer where they wanted to do real-time or near real-time production costing and what I show in this video would be the perfect solution for that. It is almost 2020 folks, and yet so many process plants still run on these types of reports and have this type of thinking going on. I find it ridiculous that we run our entire lives from our phones, yet we go to work and re-enter the 1990’s and look at static reports in Excel, or we have them printed out for us. It just flat amazes me that we still put up with this.


Hopefully, you can see some new tricks and benefits to this approach and I hope you like it. Here is the link to the video on our website:




You can also watch it on the Industrial Insight YouTube channel (link below) – please like and subscribe if you are interested in getting these: