Replacing Static Daily Reports with PI Analytics and Power BI

Blog Post created by JimGavigan Champion on Oct 23, 2019

Hello everyone,


In my last video blog, I showed how you can turn a static daily report into a longer term view of your operations (In case you missed it, you can see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9HJcuBqENI&t=1s). You might have thought from that video that I see no value in understanding where a plant is operationally on a daily basis. That isn’t true. It is important to “know where you are on the map” as well as how you got there.


In this video, I show how you can combine the daily report functions with longer term trends and views of your business. Power BI and other Business Intelligence tools can add so much context to your data and static reports. Static reports should be replaced by interactive ones that allow users to explore data, ask the right questions of the data, and get the right answers. You can see it here:





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