Automatic Compression/Exception Tuning with CompressionInsight

Blog Post created by JimGavigan Champion on Feb 28, 2020

Usually, when I post blogs here on PI Square, my sole attempt is to educate and not sell. I will admit in this case, I am asking you to look at something that you very well may want to buy. If I didn’t believe it could help a TON of people here (and very cost effectively), I wouldn’t say this. I also hope this this educates as well, but I am not sure as many people are aware of this tool as there should be.


For any of you that struggle with the following:


  • You have turned off compression and/or exception because you felt like you needed to or someone else asked you to
  • People struggle with data quality out of your PI System with issues like:
    • Trends take forever to load
    • Data pulls take too long
    • Trends look like straight lines when the sensor is varying, but the trend doesn’t reflect this
    • You are filling up archives and hard drives at an alarming rate


Paul Sheremeto and Pattern Discovery developed CompressionInsight many years ago and just came out with some pretty major enhancements. I have used the 2.0 version and what Paul and his team have developed in the 3.0 release would have saved me a lot of time in helping me tune tags, especially ones that are “under compressed” and storing too much data. CI had always handled the “over compressed” tag issue fairly well, but the under compressed issue wasn’t handled well (these required manual tuning) until this release.


In part 1, we discuss why this is an important topic such as bad data quality is the death of large scale analytics initiatives, etc. In part 2, we discuss what “getting it right” looks like. In part 3, Paul gives a demo of the features and we talk through several scenarios. Along the way, we both give examples of how our customers have used this tool in various ways to improve data quality, or of times where we couldn’t succeed because data quality was poor.  


Part 1:







Part 2:








Part 3 (Full demo of the software):








You can see more details and download a demo copy at https://patterndiscovery.com/


You can also reach out to Paul directly via LinkedIn or Paul.Sheremeto AT patterndiscovery.com.


I hope this helps someone. I know it has helped us and several of our customers and saved all of us time and money.