Video Blogs - How Data Quality and Golf Fundamentals are Alike

Blog Post created by JimGavigan Champion on Aug 3, 2020

In the last few weeks, I released video blogs where I compared data quality and the basic fundamentals of golf. Like in golf with people chasing technology in new equipment, I see so many companies chasing machine learning, AI, and other advanced analytics techniques. However, without solid and accurate data, these companies are chasing the wrong thing, much like the golfer who chases equipment at the expense of sound fundamentals. It just doesn't end well. 


I am all for these new and exciting technologies, both in golf and in the data world. They can unlock some incredible value. However, you cannot overcome bad fundamentals.


I had some fun with this video and played a comical character that thinks a new $700, AI designed driver will help him overcome some really bad swing issues, and it doesn't go well. Whether you play golf or not, this will probably resonate. Hope you enjoy it. 


How Data Quality and Golf Are Alike - full - YouTube 


Data Quality and Golf - short version - YouTube 


Data Quality in Increments as Part of a Larger Analytics Project - YouTube