PI Deprecation Suggestion Compilation

Blog Post created by Kenneth_Barber Champion on Jul 7, 2020

Over time, many PI programs have been superseded by newer ones, but this has not always been made clear. This post compiles suggestions from OSIsoft's feedback website that focus on making this succession clearer or that promote the migration to the newer product or a newer technology. Security-based migration suggestions and PI ProcessBook migration suggestions are excluded. Cross-platform suggestions are included only if the old platform is deprecated.


Some root words of search terms that I used include: deprecate, legacy, old, outdated, migrate, supersede


Older TechnologyReplacement TechnologyProductSuggestion
PI Module DatabasePI Asset Framework or filesPI Interface Configuration UtilityMigrate the PI ICU settings away from the PI Module Database
PI Interface For BACnetPI Connector For BACnetPI Connector For BACnetMigration from interface to connector

PI Interface For OPC DA

PI Interface For OPC HDA

PI Connector For OPC UA (Generation 1)

PI Connector For OPC UA (Generation 2)PI Connector For OPC UAConnector-level Failover - OPC UA 2.x
PI Interface For UFLPI Connector For UFLPI Connector For UFLDevelop an interactive INI editor for the UFL Connector
BatchPowerShellPI Data ArchiveReplace the batch (.bat) scripts in the %PISERVER% folder with PowerShell (.ps1) scripts
32-bit Unix time64-bit Unix timePI Data Archive64-bit Unix time
MultipleMultiplePI ServerIn the PI Server install kit, label deprecated components as such and state the replacement
MultipleMultiplePI ServerAllow PI Server components to be removed at installation time
PI BatchViewPI VisionPI VisionProvide migration from PI BatchView
MultipleMultiplePI System Management ToolsClearly label or group together obsolete/deprecated/legacy features
MultipleMultiplePI System Management ToolsOption to hide legacy tuning parameters
MultipleMultipleWebsiteWrite a KB article that shows the succession of products
MultipleMultipleWebsiteStop advertising superseded products
MultipleMultipleOnline coursesLabel courses about deprecated PI programs as such and state the replacement program
PI AF SDKPI Web APIPI Web APICommit to combining PI Web API and PI AF SDK


Old-age pension


These are the suggestions that ask for greater support for legacy technology. If the legacy technology poses a security risk, it is excluded. Let me know if any of the suggestions below pose a security risk and I will remove them from the list.