PI Square is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits

Blog Post created by Kenneth_Barber Champion on Aug 31, 2020

The sarcasm is strong with this one.


We, the users of PI Square, work hard and sacrifice our valuable time to help others and turn it into the thriving community that it is today. Well, actually, over 80% of us barely contribute anything, but that's OK. We are the 20%. In return, we are rewarded with points. It's like money, but you can't spend it.


But that's fine. Even money isn't meant to be spent. You're supposed to abuse the system to hoard as much of it as possible so then you can show off how much money you have. Sweet capitalism.  Using my sketchy simple get-rich-quick guide below, you too can learn the secrets to earning points quickly on PI Square.



Missions, missions: the low-hanging fruit. The more you eat, the more you…


If we wanted to be Jeff Bezos, we would actually have to work, and work is the pastime of peasants. We're better than that. We don't need to be richer than everyone else; we just need to be richer than most people. Once we surpass 1000 points, we will be in our happy place: the top 2% of all PI Square users.


To get lots of money quickly with minimal effort, we need to take advantage of grants and other financial incentives, or as PI Square calls them, missions. The missions are summarized below:


MissionPointsActionPerformed ByNumber RequiredTime Requirement
PI Champion500Join the PI Champions groupYou1
Engage Champions100Comment in the PI Champions groupYou1
You're A Regular Here40Log inYou10
Curious20Use the search barYou1
Blogger50Publish a blog postYou1
Organizer20Tag a piece of content appropriatelyYou1
Inquirer30Ask a questionYou1
Tag Yourself20Update your statusYou1
Your Opinion Counts20Like somethingYou1
On A Roll50Reply to questions or comment on discussionsYou2
Sharing Is Caring40Share content or status updatesYou5
Starstruck25Follow peopleYou1
Admirer50Follow peopleYou5
Super Fan100Follow peopleYou20
Certifier50Mark answers as correct or helpfulYou1
Judger100Mark answers as correct or helpfulYou5This month
Loudmouth100Post replies to questionsYou10This month
Loved50Receive likes from othersOthers5
Helper25Have an answer marked as helpfulOthers1
Know-It-All100Have an answer marked as correctOthers1
Smart Alec100Have answers marked as correct AND helpfulOthers1
Popular50Get followed by peopleOthers5
Famous100Get followed by peopleOthers20


There are also missions for attending certain in-person events or for achieving certain PI certifications, but I've excluded these because they cost money, and we're not about to exchange real money for in-game currency or rent a DeLorean to attend past events. These missions are worth anywhere from 100 to 1000 points each. (If you want to attend events or become accredited by OSIsoft, go ahead, but don't do it solely for the points!)


The table is long, but don't worry—we'll cut it up into bite-sized chicken nuggets. Sorry if you're a vegan.



Elimination sets


If you're not with us, you're against us. In a fit of SJW outrage, we will rise against our oppressors, which means destroying all missions that give us 0 points in the short term. Once all of the toxic people are gone from our lives, we're left with only the people that really matter.


Online multiplayer 


Below are all of the missions that require others to take action. They also require us to actually be good at PI, but that can take a while. Ain't nobody got time fo dat.


MissionPointsActionNumber Required
Loved50Receive likes from others5
Helper25Have an answer marked as helpful1
Know-It-All100Have an answer marked as correct1
Smart Alec100Have answers marked as correct AND helpful1
Popular50Get followed by people5
Famous100Get followed by people20


Some people have the misfortune of having to manage multiple OSIsoft accounts and could use their other accounts to act on behalf of "others" to get the above points. However, this will put you on Santa's naughty list, so, contrary to Shia LaBeouf, don't do it.


The remaining sections will focus on points that we can earn (or not earn) as strong independent women.





To earn Loudmouth, we must post 10 replies to questions in a single month. Because littering is bad for the environment, we should zip the lip unless we genuinely have something to add, and that won't happen until we git gud with PI. Another goose egg.


MissionPointsActionNumber RequiredTime Requirement
Loudmouth100Post replies to questions10This month



Flush the (b)log


To earn Blogger, we must publish a blog post. Done.  In all seriousness, you will likely not publish a blog post until you are sufficiently proficient with PI or want to share your excitement about a PI event that you attended. We don't want to sign up for the credit card just to get the free cookies (I'm not mentioning any names), so that's another mission down our water-efficient low-flush toilet  (which you should totally buy if you don't have one; save a tree).


MissionPointsActionNumber Required
Blogger50Publish a blog post1



If it's broke, fix it 


To earn Sharing Is Caring, we must share 5 pieces of content or status updates, which can't be achieved quickly and meaningfully at the same time. However, this is only part of the reason why this one is out at the curb before 7 AM.


MissionPointsActionNumber Required
Sharing Is Caring40Share content or status updates5


I have shared multiple status updates and well over 5 pieces of content, and yet my progress towards the mission is still 0%. Other users have completed this mission a long time ago. For whatever reason, the mission just doesn't seem to work anymore, so we will never complete it or get its points. *Completionist anxiety intensifies*



Ultrafiltered milk


We're left with just the good stuff. Let's drink it.


We are the champions 


The PI Champion mission is the lowest-hanging fruit. Join the PI Champions group to show your commitment to using PI and get 500 points. If you currently have 0 points, your level will warp digivolve from hydrogen straight to beryllium, bypassing helium and lithium and catapulting you to the top 5% of all PI Square users. Maybe the mission should be called "PI Mega" instead…


MissionPointsActionNumber Required
PI Champion500Join the PI Champions group1


Since you're in a group-joining mood, you should also join the Security group. You won't get any points for it, but if you don't care about security, then you are necessarily a bad person.


Points from this section: 500

Total points: 500



Get engaged 


Not that kind of "engaged". We're not ready to die.


To earn Engage Champions, you must write a comment somewhere within the PI Champions group. You can look here for something that tickles your fancy or just bug OSIsoft to bring back the physical PI Champion badges.


MissionPointsActionNumber Required
Engage Champions100Comment in the PI Champions group1


Points from this section: 100

Total points: 600



Forged aboud id


If you are active enough on PI Square to be reading this post, then you have probably already earned this passive income.


MissionPointsActionNumber Required
You're A Regular Here40Log in10


Points from this section: 40

Total points: 640



Short and stalky


To earn Super Fan (and therefore also Starstruck and Admirer), you must follow 20 people. You can use the search bar to find these people, which will also earn you Curious. You will also ↑↑LEVEL UP!↑↑ to boron.


MissionPointsActionNumber Required
Curious20Use the search bar1
Starstruck25Follow people1
Admirer50Follow people5
Super Fan100Follow people20


You can start by following yours truly if you like my content. If you were looking to do sub4sub, then I'm not the droid you're looking for. You can search for all of your favourite people here. I followed coworkers and I followed some of my favourite presenters and tech support engineers from OSIsoft.


Points from this section: 195

Total points: 835



Thanks for, like, being so helpful or something?


If you have a question about PI and if the process of answering it won't require you to reveal any confidential information, then instead of starting a tech support case, you could ask a question on PI Square, and which will earn you Inquirer. If you can't think of anything to ask, just ask about exception and compression. No one will suspect a thing. (lol jk don't actually ask a question and waste people's time just to get points)


MissionPointsActionNumber Required
Inquirer30Ask a question1
Organizer20Tag a piece of content appropriately1
Your Opinion Counts20Like something1
Certifier50Mark answers as correct or helpful1
On A Roll50Reply to questions or comment on discussions2


When you ask the question, be sure to tag it so that it can be found easily and to earn Organizer. When someone replies with the correct answer, be sure to like it, mark it as helpful, and mark it as the correct answer. This will earn you Your Opinion Counts and Certifier. Lastly, be sure to thank the person in a comment. This will earn you On A Roll (not to be confused with "honour roll").


Points from this section: 170

Total points: 1005



Live, learn, love 


All right, Karen. Let's finish what we started. Go here and look for recently answered questions. answered question icon Click on them and read the problem and the correct answer. Mark any helpful answers as helpful. Repeat a few times to earn Judger. You will also learn more about PI, even though you're supposed to stop learning once high school is done.


MissionPointsActionNumber RequiredTime Requirement
Tag Yourself20Update your status1
Judger100Mark answers as correct or helpful5This month


Finally, celebrate with a status update: "I am STRONG. I am INVINCIBLE. I am CARBON.". You will earn Tag Yourself for this.


Points from this section: 120

Total points: 1125



That ain't no chump change 


We done! We is the 2%! (With grammar like that, it's a miracle that I graduated from university. ) Those are all of the missions that can be easily completed in the short term without doing anything purely for the points. However, you will have more than 1125 points because some activities, such as commenting or leaving a "like", by themselves, count for points. Unlike missions, activities reward points each time they are completed. The activities are summarized below:


ActivityPoints Per ActivityNumber Of Times Performed
Log in for the 1st time1001
Follow people1020
Ask a question101
Like something31
Mark as correct101
Mark as helpful105
Write a comment52
Update your status101


Because my brain can't math, I used Excel's SUMPRODUCT function to get the total, which is 393. Strangely, some users have >0 but <100 points, meaning that the "Logging in for the first time" activity must not have been around since the beginning of PI Square.


Points from this section: 393

Total points: 1518





We're done trying to earn points, but there is plenty more fun to be had on PI Square:


  • You can bookmark Big Brother. You always forget him, but he never forgets you.

  • If you don't mind answering the same question 13 times, you can check out Andreas Konstantinidis's "Who's from what industry?" polls. (There is 1 poll for each course, but even those that aren't taking the courses can participate.)

  • Like this blog post if you cringed at how not funny it is.  Check out the sequel if you love the smell of facepalm in the morning.

  • Actually use PI Square the way that it was meant to be used.  Learn PI. Make your PI system the best that it can be. Share what you know. Help others. And, least importantly, complete the remaining missions!