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Blog Post created by Kenneth_Barber Champion on Sep 6, 2020

What do you do when you've bought a lot of junk? You buy even more stuff: you buy shelves to organize your junk. (No, we're not about to have a yard sale. We like our junk. )


This blog post is the shelf for my blog posts. I don't have that many blog posts, but it is getting difficult to sift through them. This is also my chance to properly introduce each series.



PI Theory series


Most people gloss over the theory to be able to get to the practical applications sooner. Not me. I believe that if you have a good understanding of the theory, you have an easier time with the practical applications and have a better appreciation for what you're dealing with (in this case, the PI system). In this series, we dive head-first into the "boring" material that was never shown to you.




PI Participation series


PI Square uses points to gamify participation. This series explores the distribution of points and some (sometimes underhanded) ways to increase your participation in the PI community, whether to get more points, increase your reputation, or genuinely add value to the community. Some of these may or may not be cringeworthy…




PI Suggestion Compilation series


Each blog post in this series compiles suggestions from OSIsoft's feedback website in a way that the feedback website does not. If there is a certain quality that you are passionate about, such as security or redundancy, then you can vote to your heart's content by having all such suggestions in one place.




Not-In-Any-Series series


None of these blog posts is in any series… yet.