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After that comedy disaster—no, no, not that one, this one—I bring to you its overhyped and underdelivering sequel.




Last time, we accomplished our mission of completing as many missions as we could without alerting the feds. From that, we earned 1518 points, which put us in the top 2% of all PI Square users. Being the 2% that we are, this isn't good enough. We deserve more. We need more. How are we supposed to buy a bigger yacht than Jimmy if we stop now? How is anyone supposed to be successful if they're ever happy with what they have?


Unfortunately, because we live in a throw-away society, we can get the points from missions only once, and we've used those up. We're also not about to revisit the missions that we've ignored. Never take back your ex's.


Luckily, I have a brilliant plan to continue putting truffles on our plates so that we won't starve:

  1. Tax the poor. Each taxpayer doesn't offer much, but it adds up. Beggars can't be choosers; we'll take whatever we can get.
  2. Those entitled millennials will get fussy if we call it "taxes". We'll call it "activities" instead. "Alternative facts" is gonna be a big sister!
  3. Dismiss public outrage with claims of tinkle-down economics. We'll give back. Yeah yeah, later. We promise. IOU. So impatient. 
  4. ????
  5. Profit


Kenneth Barber, you've really outdone yourself this time. Once this is all over, I think that I'll treat myself to a lovely bonus and the most luxurious all-expenses-paid trip to a 6-star beach resort, courtesy of the taxpayers. Let's do this.



Like a broken record


I call them "activities" because they appear under "Activity" on a user's profile, but perhaps you prefer the term "repeatable missions". These are not money trees like the 1-time missions from last time, but we can now keep hitting re-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat to get the points each time. As wise man once say: success is the sum of small efforts.


The activities are summarized in the table below:

ActivityPerformed ByPoints
Like somethingYou3
Write a commentYou5
Mark as helpfulYou10
Mark as correctYou10
Ask a questionYou10
Follow someoneYou10
Update your statusYou10
Have your comment likedOthers5
Have your document likedOthers5
Have your blog post likedOthers10
Have your answer marked as helpfulOthers15
Get followedOthers10


We'll—yo, yo—break this down in the next section. 



Making room for commercials


Some activities are worth more attention than others. It's like your children.


The cutting room floor


As convenient as it would be to control others, we can't without some basic knowledge of political science, so these activities go in the circular file:

ActivityPerformed ByPoints
Have your comment likedOthers5
Have your document likedOthers5
Have your blog post likedOthers10
Have your answer marked as helpfulOthers15
Get followedOthers10


We can ask only so many questions before we become omniscient and ascend to a higher dimension, and marking answers as correct depends on us having asked a question, so these are both kaputskies:

ActivityPerformed ByPoints
Mark as correctYou10
Ask a questionYou10


Points from this section: 0

Total points: 1518



"Work well unsupervised"


You can squeeze a few more points out of this one, but don't be a Jack-and-the-bean stalker:

ActivityPerformed ByPoints
Follow someoneYou10


Do what you did to earn Judger, but on steroids. That's all Imma say about this one:

ActivityPerformed ByPoints
Mark as helpfulYou10


Points from this section: ~50

Total points: 1568



The final TV edit


Our TV edit is shorter than the trailer. Oh well. These two sa-lads will be the focus of the rest of this blog post:

ActivityPerformed ByPoints
Like somethingYou3
Write a commentYou5
Update your statusYou10



Comment gagner des points, là?


Morticia! That's (Quebec) French!


Roaring 20s (2016 – 2019)


In late 2016, OSIsoft's feedback (UserVoice) website expanded beyond PI Coresight (this was PI Vision's slave name) to include most of the products that you see there today. Ideas and comments on UserVoice were synchronized to PI Square. These synchronized ideas had the "uservoice" tag placed them automatically, which is why, even today, the "uservoice" tag still takes up 2 airplane seats on PI Square's home page:


big "uservoice" tag


If you posted an idea on UserVoice, you would earn Organizer without realizing it. Other than that, you wouldn't get points for posting ideas, but you would get points for posting comments on ideas. I wrote a lot of comments on my own complaints, adding extra detail, and then complained about others' complaints like Scots and other Scots, so I got a lot of points this way. (For the record, I'm actually part Scottish but pure crazy.)


In late 2019, this all ended (well, kind of, not really). Justin Timberlake left the group. The synchronization stopped. UserVoice is the preferred place to leave feedback, and none of the activity on there is worth any points on PI Square. (Other than that, UserVoice is far superior!) For those wishing to go back to those 3 years to be more active on UserVoice, don't. That was when Hurricane Deprecation was in full swing. Not a fun time to try to learn PI, and not a smart time to be storm-chasing (is there ever a smart time?).


Points from this section: 0

Total points: 1568


ActivityPerformed ByPoints
Write a commentYou5


Dirty 30s (now)


These days, if you want to get lots of points from comments, you can go here and look for recent unanswered questions. unanswered question icon Chances are high that someone did not provide enough information in their question. In a comment, ask for more, specific details. Chances are also high that someone is using a superseded product. In a comment, you can inform them of the successor product. Repeat this a few times to rack up some points.


Points from this section: ~50

Total points: 1618



Liking like a valley girl


So we're, like, gonna try to get these now?


ActivityPerformed ByPoints
Like somethingYou3


But, like, what should you like? I'll show you! Totally.


Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


Because you get more points when you receive likes (5 or 10 points) than when you give likes (3 points), we can't just spam "like" everywhere if we want to rise the ranks. We'll need to be strategic about who we give "likes" to.


We can give likes to those that rank lower, as long as they do not surpass us, and we can give likes to those that rank higher, as long as we don't care about surpassing them. (Or you can stop worrying about rank and like whatever you like!)


Just play the song, Schneebly!


You've endured my history lesson. We're in the 2nd half of this post and we have only 100 points with no hazard pay. But I can assure you that we take every reasonable precaution to ensure the safety of our workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. (I'm not speaking on behalf of any real company. We're still in the joke context.) They're the real heroes, and to them I say…


Thank you for your services


The vCampus/PI Developers Club All-Stars and the Rising Stars are those that selflessly went above and beyond to help lots of people in the PI community and post lots of high-quality content. Please offer your congratulations and gratitude on the All-Star announcement posts:

2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020


I cannot find the All-Star announcement posts for 2011, 2014, and 2020. If you find them, please let me know or place them in the lost-and-found.


Please also extend your congratulations to those listed in the Security Hall Of Thanks. These people reported security vulnerabilities that they could have easily abused instead.


Hackathon winners


These posts announce the winners of various OSIsoft hackathons. Show some love for these people and let me know if I missed any hackathon winner announcement posts. Search term: win


PI World Innovation Hackathon EMEA 2018 in Barcelona
PI World Innovation Hackathon 2018 in San Francisco
Visualization Virtual Hackathon 2018
UC EMEA Hackathon 2017
LATAM Regional Conference Programming Hackathon 2017 in São Paulo, Brazil
Visualization Virtual Hackathon 2017
Users Conference Programming Hackathon 2017 in San Francisco
EMEA UC 2016 Programming Hackathon
Programming Hackathon at TechCon 2016 in San Francisco
Programming Hackathon at TechCon 2015 in San Francisco


I feel that there should be a better, more centralized way to track the All-Stars, the Rising Stars, and the hackathon winners…


Other celebratory posts


These are blog posts only, listed in the order that they were posted. No discussions are included. Most of these are from over 5 years ago. Has the community lost its high spirit? Or maybe some of these were just the perfect excuse to complete the Blogger mission.


Specific to OSIsoft:

Woo hoo, we reached the 1500 posts mark! (and a quick word on OSIsoft vCampus Live!)
OSIsoft vCampus turned 2 !!
OSIsoft vCampus' 1000th Day!
OSIsoft vCampus 3rd Anniversary!
Congratulations to Rhys Kirk for 1000 posts on the forums
Post of the Month for February 2012!!!


Special times:
PI Time to Read 1234567890 on Friday 13th!
See you in 2010 - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Happy 'Geek Pride' Day!
Happy PI Day!
Social Media Day
Programmer Day!?
Happy PI Day 2015!
National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM 2017)
Happy belated World Backup Day!


Notable blog posts


I have obviously not read all of the blog posts on PI Square, since there are over 1500 of them. However, of the ones that I did read, some of them stood out to me, and I feel that they deserve to be "liked". (For the record, I usually do not bother reading discussions, since there are many more of them and they are a mix of questions, blog-post-type material, and actual discussions. It's a mess.)


Ricky Sun has a post where he integrates a game with PI Vision to record his scores over time. In my opinion, this has a lot of potential to open up the market for PI to home users or small businesses, be used in viral advertisements, and make the PI developer programs more fun to learn. A very underrated post indeed.


Rick Davin has two posts where he describes subsecond precision in PI in great detail. These are probably the best-written PI blog posts that I've encountered so far. The clickbait title is just the cherry on top. Even if you aren't a developer (I'm not a developer), you can still appreciate the issues and the solutions that he describes.


Gabriel Michaud-Verreault has two detailed posts about managing the PI Connector For OPC UA. Admittedly, I haven't used this PI Connector yet and I haven't read the posts thoroughly, but given that OPC UA is the replacement for OPC DA, which is very widely used, it's only a matter of time before I'll be referring to these. I have them bookmarked.


Yes, I realize that these are all from OSIsoft employees, but I'm still blown away!


Counting the money


For a normally cranky person like me, this is positivity overload. There is no shortage of likable material on PI Square. You just need to find it. It doesn't even need to be a blog post. Questions, discussions, and comments are likable too!


I'm also proud of myself for writing an entire section about liking stuff without me abusing it for self-promotion


Points from this section: ~42

Total points: 1660



We have enough experience points


We still have 1 activity left:

ActivityPerformed ByPoints
Update your statusYou10


Repeat after me:

"I am the 1%. I am NITROGEN! I am the air that you breathe. I am omnipresent. I am held together by one of the strongest bonds in nature! Nothing (except for lightning and certain bacteria) can break me!"


Points from this section: 10

Total points: 1670





Last time, I said that we were done trying to earn points, but this time, we are so done. We are really done. Fo real.


So guys, that's all for today. If you liked this video, be sure to smash that "like" button , subscribe, check out its sequel, and hit that notification bell  so you don't miss any future videos! À demain!