PI Data Type Suggestion Compilation

Blog Post created by Kenneth_Barber Champion on Sep 22, 2020

PI supports only so many data types, but customers want more. Below are hand-picked lists of suggestions from OSIsoft's feedback website related to data types. If you agree with any suggestions, click on their link and vote for them!



Requests for support for more data types


Search terms include: byte, float, signed, 32, 64, type, datatype


ProductData TypeSuggestion
PI Web APIAFFileAdd support for AFFile type
PI Data Archive64-bit signed & unsigned integersAdd point Type INT64, UINT64,  to PI Archive
PI Connector For EtherNet/IPStringSupport string data types for PI Connector for EtherNet/IP
PI Connector For EtherNet/IPUser-definedSupport user-defined data types in the PI Connector for EtherNet/IP
PI Connector For UFLBooleanAdd a Boolean data type
PI Connector For BACnetProgram objectProgram objects (BACnet object type 16) also bought through by the connector
PI Connector For BACnetTrend log objecttrend log objects (BACnet object type 20) available from the connector
PI Interface For ModbusMod10Add Mod10 to Custom Data Type Manipulator for Modbus Interface
PI Interface For Modbus32-bit unsigned integerModify the Modbus Interface to accept 32-bit Unsigned Ints from the PLC
PI Interface For OPC DA32-bit unsigned integerSupport for the VT_UI4 data type
PI Interface For OPC HDADouble-byte characterExport double-byte characters with HDATagBuilder
PI Interface For Performance MonitorTimestampPI PerfMon tags to support Timestamp DataType
PI Interface For IEEE C37.11816-bit signed integerPI Interface for IEEE C37.118 support for Analog data Signed and Unsigned 16-bit Integers
PI Interface For Emerson Ovation32-bit overpacked digital tagEmerson Ovation Interface: Enable the extraction of the full 32-bit overpacked digital tag as opposed to the now max of 16-bit
PI Interface for China Network IsolatorFloat64Support float64 point type in PI Interface for China Network Isolator
PI Batch InterfacesTwo-byte languagesBatch Framework Interfaces  - Support of two byte languages



Requests for data type conversion


Suggestions related to unit conversion or time zone conversion are excluded.


Search terms include the ones used above plus "convert" and "cast".