PI Space Suggestion Compilation

Blog Post created by Kenneth_Barber Champion on Sep 22, 2020

Size matters. Not everyone has a big hard disk.


Below is a hand-picked compilation of suggestions from OSIsoft's feedback website that relate to computer space. This includes suggestions about:

  • Reducing file size
  • Reducing network traffic
  • Optimizing memory usage
  • The drive itself (HDD or SSD)


Even though "space-related" is not an official category, there are surprisingly >40 suggestions that fall under it. If you agree with any of these suggestions, please consider voting for them!


Root words of search terms include: minify, compress, byte, size, space, disk, drive, memory


ProductFile/Resource Of InterestSuggestion
Install kitsInstall kitsInstall kits should extract only what they will install
Install kitsInstall kitsSelectively install 32-bit versus 64-bit versions of PI programs
Managed PIPI Diagnostics Prerequisites PI Diagnostics Prerequisites when installing PI Diagnostics
OSIsoft LearningWeb page filesReduce the load time of
PI Connector For Ethernet/IPSnapshot dataHave Option to Enable Exception Testing
PI Connector For ModbusResponse dataPI Connector for Modbus TCP - include option to configure response data byte size by register type.
PI Connector For UFLOutput filesConfigurable OSIsoft\PI Connectors\UFL.ConnectorHost\ location defined during installation
PI Connector For UFLRemote filesUFL Connector HTTP compression
PI Connector For UFLZIP foldersMake Data Persistence Settings Configurable
PI ConnectorsLog filesIncrease the default log size
PI ConnectorsWeb page filesMinify the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code of the 1st-generation PI Connectors
PI Data ArchiveArchive backup filesArchive Reprocessing Backup
PI Data ArchiveArchive backup filesImprove PI Server Installation kit: disk space requirements should include the minimal PI Backup
PI Data ArchiveArchive backup filessmarter calculation of PI Backup required free space
PI Data ArchiveArchive filesAutomated re-compression/average after a period of time
PI Data ArchiveArchive filesCompress archives that are backed up using "Copy"
PI Data ArchiveArchive filesDictionary encoding of strings in string tags
PI Data ArchiveArchive filesDynamic digital state sets
PI Data ArchiveArchive filesOptimize and compress non-primary historic archive files
PI Data ArchiveArchive filesProvide the capability to apply compression on uncompressed data, aka recompress using offline archive utility.  See work item 6944OSI8.
PI Data ArchiveArchive filesReduce archive file size by eliminating unused record numbers
PI Data ArchiveDisconnected drivePI Archive ability to recover from drive disconnect
PI Data ArchiveMemoryPI Data Archive: Improve piarchss performance
PI Data ArchivePI message logHave the ability to change PI Message log file configuration (Size, Duration etc)
PI Integrator For Business AnalyticsOutput filesCompress files written using file target
PI Integrator For Business AnalyticsOutput filesOption to specify max file size
PI Integrator For Business AnalyticsColumnAllow configurable column size (nvarchar) when publishing to a relational table
PI Integrator For SAP HANAColumnOption to split date and time into separate columns
PI IntegratorsViewsAllow "PI View" target to be disabled
PI Interface For CitectLog fileWhen Citect Interface loses connection to a device, throttle errors relating to failed tag reads
PI Interface For UFLPI message logUFL Interface - Option for PRINT statement to not write to PI SDK log
PI Interface For UFLSample data fileUFL Interface - Increase UFL designer sample data file size limit beyond 50 KB
PI Manual Logger WeblocalStorageIndicate how much localStorage space has been consumed by PI Manual Logger Web
PI Message SubsystemPI message log & memoryMake message logs easier to export in bulk
PI NotificationsLog filesEnable Trace logging per Notification or Notification Template
PI System Management ToolsPI Interface Configuration UtilityRemove the PI Interface Configuration Utility (PI ICU) from the PI System Management Tools (PI SMT) install kit
PI System Management ToolsWidespread client installations*PI System Management Tools (SMT) as a web application
PI System ExplorerWidespread client installations*PI System Explorer (PSE PI AF) Web
PI System ExplorerPI System Explorer (Legacy 32-bit)Remove PI System Explorer (Legacy 32-bit) from PI AF Client
PI VisionImage filesImage files over a certain size (3+ mb) will not load. Coresight should produce an appropriate error message if this limitation is expected
PI VisionWeb page filesMinify PI Vision's HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code
PI VisionWeb page filesOptimize PI Vision with WebAssembly
PI Web APIMessagesConfigurable message sizes for PI Channels
PI Web APISearch index filesStore index files somewhere other than the program data folder


*These 2 suggestions are about converting what are currently client programs into web applications. This would save a lot of space by not requiring every user to install them, and they would reduce the wear on the drives by not having to download and upgrade the program every few months. Network traffic might increase a little bit due to web pages needing to be sent to the client in addition to the requested data. In this case, the good should outweigh the bad.