PI Square's groups—finally organized!

Blog Post created by Kenneth_Barber Champion on Oct 3, 2020

From the blue bar at the top of any PI Square page, you can go to Spaces → PI Square Groups to see PI Square's 37 groups. Even though they span only 2 pages, they are difficult to navigate, regardless of which sort option you use. To solve this problem, I organized all of PI Square's groups in the table below.


Column abbreviations (used to avoid too much word wrap on the other columns):

  • T = Type
    • M = Members Only
    • O = Open
    • P = Private
  • F = Number Of Followers
  • M = Number Of Members


GroupCategoryCategory DetailIndustryTFM
Hydrocarbon Processing Industry (HPI) User Group Hydrocarbon Processing


Maintenance and Reliability Maintenance & Reliability 


Academic Users Group AcademiaO4828
Falkonry CompanyFalkonrySoftwareO1411
OSIsoft Cloud Services Forum ProductOSIsoft Cloud ServicesO3429
Security FieldO8352
Internet of Things FieldO7526
Industrial IT FieldP4848
PI Champions Join now!P370374
Badge Administration Can't joinP11
Chemicals User Group ChemicalP2525
Data Centers Data CenterP123123
Facilities and Energy Management Facilities & Energy ManagementP369370
Food and Beverage User Group Food & BeverageP6868
Forest and Paper Forest & PaperP263264
Life Sciences User Group Life SciencesP813817
Mining, Metals and Materials Mining, Metals, & Materials P269269
Oil & Gas User Group Oil & GasP431432
Oil and Gas Upstream Oil & GasP104104
Power Generation Power GenerationP705709
Japan Power Generation Users Group RegionJapanPower GenerationP2929
Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution - LATAMRegionLatin AmericaPower Generation, Transmission & DistributionP6060
Transmission and Distribution Transmission & DistributionP513514
Transportation & Supply Chain Transportation & Supply ChainP172172
Water and Wastewater Water & WastewaterP208209
OCEANIA: Data Science, Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics, OSIsoft PI System RegionOceaniaP2626
PIsarna RegionCzech Republic & SlovakiaP7272
Lehigh Group CompanyLehigh UniversityAcademiaP33
Houston O&G User's Group CompanyHouston Oil & GasOil & GasP2323
Evergreen Packaging PI User Group CompanyEvergreen PackagingForest & PaperP1616
Klabin CompanyKlabinForest & PaperP55
Mondi User Group CompanyMondiForest & PaperP1010
WestRock CompanyWestRockForest & PaperP1313
AF Transformer ProductAF TransformerP159162
PI Web API 2019 Beta ProductPI Web API 2019 BetaP2020
PI System + ArcGIS User Group ProductEsri ArcGISP9595
OSII Monarch to PI Interface Standards Forum ProductOSII MonarchP5050


Some notes:


  • I kept all groups of the same type together and then worried about grouping together groups of the same category. I chose the order to be as visually intuitive as possible.

  • Categories include company, region, and product. Each group focuses on a maximum of 1 of these, which is why I put these labels in the same column. However, because some groups specify a region and an industry or specify a company (which is always associated with some industry), "industry" could not be a category without causing some groups to fall under multiple categories, so instead, the industry is mentioned in a separate column.

  • I made the table by copying and pasting the 2 pages of groups into Excel and performing manual manipulation. No web scraping, no Power Query.

  • The table might be even easier to navigate if you copy and paste it into Excel. This will allow you to spread the table across the full width of your screen to avoid all word wrap and will allow you to filter the table and sort it differently.


Thank you, Jarita Sirois, for your blog posts that list the industry groups. They saved me some guesswork.