PI suggestions with suggested actions

Blog Post created by Kenneth_Barber Champion on Oct 3, 2020

There are some suggestions on OSIsoft's feedback website that are in the wrong place, have already been completed, have already been posted, have been generalized, are too vague, or are clearly a bad idea. These are compiled below and marked with the action that, in my opinion, OSIsoft should take on them. More details can be found in my comment on each suggestion. When an action is completed, I will remove its entry from the table below.


In the comments, please let me know if I missed any suggestions that require action.


ProductSuggested ActionSuggestion
PI programs in generalMergeUse the HTTPS versions of links in "Help link", "Support link", and "Update information" in Control Panel → Programs and Features
PI ConnectorsMergeHaving the capability of renaming tags.
PI Connector For UFLMergeUFL Connector NoReplace function (Store Mode)
Knowledge BaseMergeWhen a KB is updated please add to the message what is added (updated)
PI Analysis ServiceMergePI TagMedian function needs to be added in AF analysis
PI ServerChange categoryPre-installation system-wide compatibility check

PI Connectors

PI Connector Relay

PI Data Collection Manager

Change category of other suggestionsAdd 2 new PI Connector categories on UserVoice: "PI Data Collection Manager" & "PI Connector Relay"
PI AF SDKChange product & categoryAF SDK vs claim authentication
PI Manual Logger MobileChange product & categoryOne-Step Process to Clean Cached Events on Mobile Devices with PIML Mobile
Downloadable filesChange product & categorySimple, readable, user-friendly names for all downloadable files
PI SQL ClientDeleteAllow Direct PI Data Archive Server exposure
PI SquareDelete PI Square ideasRemove Idea from Create Content on PI Square
myOSIsoftDelete spam commentsProvide a 'virtual cabinet' for users to store favorite KB articles
PI DataLinkDeclineI wish to know how to only update the information on 1 page in a spreadsheet that has 31 pages in the workbook. I.e., 1 Page for each day.
PI DiagnosticsDeclineImprove PDS Reliability
PI ProcessBookDeclineWhy fix something when it ain't broke.
PI VisionDeclineAndroid app for PI Coresight (PI Vision)
OSIsoft LearningDeclineWhy don't we offer a course on a MOOC platform like Udacity, EdX or Coursera?
LogsDecline?Replace pipc.log and PI Message logs with the Event Viewer
OSIsoft LearningCompletedIssue digital badges for course completion
OSIsoft LearningCompletedUse an opaque background for the course calendar side bar
Managed PICompletedMonitor PI Vision
PI Analysis ServiceCompleted?PI TagMedian function needs to be added in AF analysis.
OSIsoft UserVoiceCompleted (hopefully)Managed PI Feedback