PI Quick Suggestion Compilation

Blog Post created by Kenneth_Barber Champion on Oct 15, 2020

This blog post compiles suggestions from OSIsoft's feedback website that, in my opinion, would be quick to implement, but my opinion could always be wrong. Most of these involve a minor text edit somewhere, and all of these are mine. If OSIsoft wants a quick win to declutter the feedback website, these would be it.


This compilation is not to be confused with the speed suggestion compilation.


PI Connector For UFL"13,10 OR 10" New Line default
PI Connector For UFLIncoming TimeStamps Utc
PI Data ArchiveWrite a description for the PI Data Archive services
PI BuilderChange "PI AF Builder" to "PI Builder" in the tooltip of the Feedback button
PI System Management ToolsSpelling mistake in Performance Counters
PI System Management ToolsStrange punctuation in the PI Annotations Editor "save changes" message
PI System ExplorerAdd a space before "Template" in the default element template name after using "Convert To Template"
PI System ExplorerChange "EMail" to "Email" in the results of contact searches by email address
UOM databaseAdd permille (‰) and basis point (‱) to the Ratio UOM class
UOM databaseAdd kHz, MHz, and GHz to the Frequency UOM class
UOM databaseAdd a UOM class for bit rate
UOM databaseUse "whole" as the canonical UOM of the Ratio UOM class
PI Vision[!] speech bubble in the header should have a tooltip
PI VisionAdd descriptions to error symbols on the configuration page
Managed PIWrite a description for the PI Diagnostics Service and the PI Diagnostics UI Service
PI SquareCombine the duplicated example in PI Square's Terms Of Use
myOSIsoftChange the default text of links from "http://" to "https://"
myOSIsoftChange the file type of "PI Interface for Random Simulator Data x64 Catalog Files" from "Installation Kit" to "Others"
myOSIsoftRemove question marks in PI Vision's system requirements
OSIsoft LearningSpelling mistake: unlimmited
OSIsoft LearningLink to the wrong playlist
OSIsoft LearningLabel courses about deprecated PI programs as such and state the replacement program
OSIsoft UserVoiceUse the HTTPS version of the documentation link on the feedback website
OSIsoft UserVoiceAdd 2 new PI Connector categories on UserVoice: "PI Data Collection Manager" & "PI Connector Relay"