PI Square's secret missions!

Blog Post created by Kenneth_Barber Champion on Oct 25, 2020

That sounds like the name of a Power Star. 


In a previous blog post, I walked through how you can earn points by completing missions. However, I largely ignored the hidden, "secret" missions, since most of them involve either becoming accredited or attending an event, and both require time, effort, and money. I also did not know what all of the hidden missions were at the time.


Therefore, I went on a mission to find the hidden missions, and I summarized them below. Metamission accomplished.


CategoryMissionPointsActionStill Available?Number Of Recipients
PI ChampionPI Champion500Join the PI Champions groupYes381**

PI Champion

Engage Champions100Comment in the PI Champions groupYes20
AccreditationApplication Developer750Become a PI System Application DeveloperYes?*30
AccreditationInstallation Specialist750Become a PI System Installation SpecialistYes?*138
AccreditationInfrastructure Specialist500Become a PI System Infrastructure SpecialistYes?*≥368
AccreditationPartner Level 100500Become a PI System Infrastructure SpecialistNo?*≥13
EventAttendee100Attend the 2016 User Conference in San FranciscoNo≥3
EventSF UC Badge1000Attend 2015 San Francisco UC TechConNo64
EventLATAM RC1000Attend 2015 LATAM RCNo26
EventEMEA UC Badge1000Attend the 2015 EMEA User Conference in PragueNo89
RetiredExpressive20Vote in a pollNo≥3
RetiredPollster75Create a pollNo≥2
RetiredGenerous50Upload or create a documentNo≥2

*  "Yes?" and "No?" express uncertainty in the availability of only the mission and not of the associated accreditation.

** This is the number of people currently in the PI Champions group. I do not know how many people earned the points and left the group.


The table summarizes the hidden missions earned by people with ≥730 points. This has several consequences:

  • Only missions that are worth ≥730 points AND are no longer available have exact recipient counts in the table.
  • There may be hidden missions that are not listed in the table that were completed only by people with <730 points.
  • There may be hidden missions that nobody has ever earned.


Some points totals:

  • From hidden missions: 6345. If you earned all of these, your level would be at least fluorine.
  • From hidden missions that are still available: 2600. If you earned all of these, your level would be at least oxygen.
  • From hidden missions that are still available AND have not been covered elsewhere in this blog series: 2000. The blog series, minus this post, leads you to earn ~1600 points, meaning that if you followed the instructions in this series and completed all 3 accreditation missions, you would have ~3600 points, which is well into the oxygen level and almost as many points as I have now.
  • From all missions (hidden or not): 7485. This is very close to the neon level. A person that completes all missions would actually have 7878 points because of the points earned from activities. This would put them at the neon level and put them in the top 60 people on the All-Time Leaderboard.


Trivia (I mean, this whole post is trivia):

  • "Official" is misspelled as "offical" in the actual descriptions of LATAM RC and EMEA UC Badge.
  • All hidden missions were completed by 1 person in the top 100 people of the All-Time Leaderboard.
  • Infrastructure Specialist and Partner Level 100 are the only missions with the same requirement.
    11 people completed both missions.
  • 16 people completed 3 non-overlapping accreditation missions.
  • 5 people completed 1 retired mission. All but 1 is an OSIsoft employee.
  • 1 person completed all event missions.
  • 1 person completed all missions that are still available.
  • 185 people completed 1 hidden mission that is no longer available.
  • Nobody completed every mission that is no longer available, so nobody will ever complete every mission.
  • Only OSIsoft employees completed Attendee.
  • Both people who completed Pollster also completed Expressive.
  • Logging in for the 1st time is the only activity that can be performed only once. Intuitively, it should be a mission instead.


This blog post is not referenced by the blog posts that precede and succeed it, making it, in turn, a bit of a secret. A secret about secrets. Do I dare call this a "metasecret" and overuse "meta" like a marble-mouthed competitive-scene Twitch streamer? Yes, yes I durr.


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