Complete list of tuning parameters

Blog Post created by Kenneth_Barber Champion on Nov 1, 2020

TL;DR: Use the attached spreadsheet to tabularize %pihome%\SMT3\timeouts.xml and get a complete list of tuning parameters supported by PI System Management Tools. This includes the tuning parameters that are hidden by default.




I use the following abbreviations to help shorten an already long blog post:

PI System Management ToolsPI SMT
tuning parameterTP


The blog post


TPs are basically settings for the PI Data Archive, and while you will likely end up leaving most of them to their default value, you will definitely need to change a few to suit your needs. However, many TPs are hidden by default in PI SMT, and the only way to edit them is to make them visible first, which in turn requires that you type in the name of the TP that you want to edit. There is no IntelliSense or list of TPs to choose from. You need to know the name of the TP that you want to edit.


I was not satisfied with this approach, so a few years ago, I posted a suggestion on OSIsoft UserVoice that asks for a list of all TPs to be made available somewhere. A few years later, I realized that this list existed this whole time. When you make a hidden TP visible in PI SMT, information about that TP appears. PI SMT was getting this information from some repository of TPs, which turned out to be this file in its installation folder:



Since the file is difficult to navigate, I used Power Query in Excel to tabularize it. The table contained >5000 rows, since the information for each TP is listed in timeouts.xml for each version of the PI Data Archive that PI SMT supports. However, TPs rarely change between versions of the PI Data Archive, and when we list only the distinct versions of each TP, the table shrinks to <450 rows. 268 of these rows are for versions of TPs in the latest version of the PI Data Archive. 83 of these are for TPs that are visible by default and the other 185 are for TPs that are hidden by default.


I've attached this spreadsheet to this blog post so that you too can easily navigate the complete list of TPs. However, the table is empty and you will need to refresh it. This is to make the file smaller and to avoid breaking the EULA due to freely redistributing part of PI SMT. Also, just because the complete list of TPs will now be available to you, it doesn't mean that you should change the TPs of your PI system all willy-nilly. Lastly, I still think that it would be better to be able to navigate this information from within PI SMT, so please don't let the spreadsheet stop you from voting for my suggestion.


However, I still wonder one thing: timeouts.xml contains the TPs supported by PI SMT, but PI SMT is not the only way to edit TPs. Are there any TPs that the PI Data Archive supports that are not listed in timeouts.xml? Let me know in the comments.