PI Clarity Suggestion Compilation

Blog Post created by Kenneth_Barber Champion on Nov 20, 2020

There is a saying that goes "say what you mean, mean what you say", but this is not always the case with PI.

PI will tell you "I love you" and "I'm fine". 


Below is a hand-picked compilation of suggestions from OSIsoft's feedback website that ask for greater clarity, usually by changing the way that something is displayed or worded or by adding a simple indicator of some important property. Suggestions that promote poor security (namely this one) are excluded. If you like knowing what you're doing or what is going on, which hopefully you do, then consider voting for some of these!


Some search terms that I used: clear, clarity, clarify, intuitive, obvious, mislead, confuse, confusing, confusion, descriptive, explain, explanative, explanatory, state, label, should give, should show


Customer PortalClarify "My NOC Cases" and "All NOC Cases"
Customer PortalHighlight expired licenses
Customer PortalMore clearly differentiate Deactivated users on My Team page
Customer PortalSimple, readable, user-friendly names for all downloadable files
Customer PortalState the supported browser more clearly on the main page
Knowledge baseWrite a KB article that explains confusing PI terms
NOC ServicesMore descriptive interface name in email alerts
NOC ServicesUse non-confusing non-US-Centric date formats
On-line Case CreationImprove category selection on case creation page so that it's clearer which to select
OSIsoft Cloud Services (data ingress)"+ Add Connection" Button Functionality.
OSIsoft Cloud Services (trend visualization)Auto Cursors Aren't Self-Explanatory
OSIsoft Cloud Services (trend visualization)The Cursor Table's Icon Can Be Confusing
OSIsoft LearningLabel courses about deprecated PI programs as such and state the replacement program
OSIsoft Message Format (OMF)Clearly state that a Data message cannot include both a container ID and a type ID
PI Asset AnalyticsImprove Asset Analytics error message: "<Attribute>: Cannot convert <time> to AF time"
PI Asset FrameworkDistinguish between unitless attributes and attributes whose units have not been assigned
PI Asset FrameworkShow AD display names rather than User ID
PI BuilderGive a more specific error message when publishing a span of 0
PI Data ArchiveForce Shift warning is misleading
PI DataLinkDatalink Search menu not intuitive
PI DataLinkRename "Compressed Data" to "Archived Data"
PI DataLinkRename "Time Filtered" to "Condition Time"
PI DataLinkRename "Timed Data" to "Data At Timestamps"
PI DataLinkRibbon icons should visualize the kind of data to be retrieved
PI Developer TechnologiesAdd a list of obsolete method/object in release note or help file for new releases
PI Integrator for Business AnalyticsAdd a Boolean row filter
PI Integrator For Business AnalyticsChange the friendly name of the self-signed certificate to "PI Integrator for Business Analytics Self-signed Certificate"
PI Integrator For Esri ArcGISCreate ArcGIS Feature Services and Layers with More Descriptive Names
PI Interface Configuration UtilityMention the PI ICU in the names of PI Generic Names DLL and PI Spt DLL in Programs And Features
PI Interface For DNP 3.0DNP3: DNP3 XML file, make defaults explicit
PI Interface For RDBMSClarification on InstrumentTag attribute
PI Interface For UFLCreate a clearer, shorter INI file syntax
PI ServerIn the PI Server install kit, label deprecated components as such and state the replacement
PI System ExplorerAdd a visual indicator in PSE to indicate that the Admin permission for an identity will override other permissions
PI System ExplorerClarify the cancellability of changes that are made through the PI AF Server Properties window in PI System Explorer
PI System ExplorerRename or add descriptions for Read, Write, Read Data, and Write Data permissions in PI System Explorer
PI System Explorer (PI Notifications)Show different status icon for Notification when it's Event Frame is not Running
PI System Management ToolsClearly label or group together obsolete/deprecated/legacy features
PI System Management ToolsMarkArchiveGaps tuning parameter description should be more descriptive
PI System Management ToolsRevise tuning parameter descriptions
PI To PI InterfacePItoPI should give an indication when it is stuck querying a corrupt source archive
PI VisionDisable Build/Edit mode for displays when the user doesn't have write access
PI VisionFor the error messages displayed, it can be made a bit more explanative
PI VisionMake it obvious that single-timestamped values apply to the end of the time range
PI VisionMobile: Allow browsing display folders
PI VisionShow AD display names rather than User ID
PI VisionShow future data values at end time of display
PI VisionThe "Now" button should not be highlighted if you are viewing future data
RtReportsImprove the user experience of the "Report Edit" window
RtReportsRtReports end time for ongoing batch