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Creating a Real-Time Dashboard Using AngularJS and OSIsoft PI Web API

Blog Post created by Lonnie Bowling Champion on Aug 8, 2016

I put together a video series based on a hands-on lab that I gave at the OSIsoft User Conference 2016 in San Francisco. It goes from a new project to a functioning real-time dashboard, all web-based, with data coming from a PI System. It is aimed at the beginner that has a working knowledge of the PI System and some programming skills. It is intended to get you started as fast as possible with an end-to-end demo.


Real-Time Dashboard with AngularJS and PI Web API - YouTube





Source Code Repo: https://github.com/LonnieBowling/pi-dashboard-demo

My Personal Blog: Lonnie A. Bowling – Using Real-Time Data in the Real World