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Stacking Trend Coresight Symbol

Blog Post created by Lonnie Bowling Champion on Mar 13, 2017

This is a prototype for a stackable trend. Sometimes it is eaiser to see the data when the trends are seperated vs. overlaid. Here are both the native OSIsoft trend and the stackable tend side by side. The goal is to have the same user experience with both trends. (can you tell which is which?)


Adding a second attribute to each trend make's it pretty clear that the stackable trend is on top:


This new trend does not yet have all the formatting and functionally that the cursor had for the native trend, but it is well on it's way. The big difference is is that the stackable trend is getting it's data for the traces using the PI Web API. This allows for some nice enhancements.


Like adding a second trace. Also, you cannot see in the screenshot, but when you drag a trace is shows the values changing on the fly, unlike the native trend that has to make a new request each time you let off the trace. (see the link below for a demo video)


Finally the last feature enhancement is adding more traces.


Future enhancements:

Add support for future data.

Allow tends to be formated, such as color traces.

More refinement to make it look an feel just like a native OSIsoft symbol.


Source code:

GitHub - LonnieBowling/coresight-stack-trend

Demo Video:




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